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Key Ideas

  • We produce videos around the country
  • We will do everything from writing the script to shooting to editing
  • We will ensure the video achieves your sales and marketing goals
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Video Production

We plan, write the script, shoot, edit, record the voiceover, and produce videos for clients in Chicago and around the country. The Innovaxis team averages 15 years of experience in producing corporate videos, product demos and client testimonials. Our team has also produced broadcast television, issue awareness, fundraising, and education.

Video Production Companies: Dime-a-Dozen

The Innovaxis difference: we will help you determine the right type of video to increase sales, awareness and accomplish all of your other marketing goals. We will develop concepts for the story, write the script, hire the actors, coach your people who haven’t been on camera before, provide graphics, music and voiceover, and do all of the editing, mastering and DVD duplication. We’ll also help you embed the video on your company website and promote it on your own YouTube channel so that you can leverage your new video content with your other marketing activities.

Here are two of our latest videos, shot on a budget of $3,000:

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