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The Company Brochure: Still Generating Sales in the Digital Age

- May 28, 2011 5:48 am

Datamation BrochureIn the rush to implement the “latest and greatest” (and untested)techniques, too many marketers overlook simple, proven methods fordriving business. Take the humble sales brochure. It has fallen out offavor with many marketers, who view brochures as nothing more thananother piece of printed collateral. But in our experience, a welldesigned sales brochure can be a highly effective messaging tool—interms of both cost and returns—particularly in B2B marketing. Awell-designed sales brochure will help train your sales reps and guidethem in the field, will help your prospects articulate your valueproposition to internal decision makers long after your sales rep isgone, and exemplifies your professionalism in hardcopy form.

Think of a brochure as a static snapshot of a company website and you can begin to see the possibilities.

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How to Add Sales Promotions to Your Company’s Facebook Page

- April 29, 2011 5:49 am

OfferpopSince the tab structure of Facebook has recently changed, we were asked by a client to identify how to add a page on their company’s Facebook page to highlight a sales promotion. After doing a quick search, we ran across Offerpop’s “Exclusive” application, and we were sold.

After going through about a 60-second implementation, an “Exclusive” tab is placed on the left side of the company’s Facebook page, under Wall, Info, Friend Activity, Photos, Events, etc. Clicking on “Exclusive” takes you to a page where you can have a 500-pixel wide graphic of your promotion along with whatever text you have to explain it. Hyperlinks can be embedded on the graphic and in the text,

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Custom Market Research vs. Analyst Reports

- April 29, 2011 5:49 am

Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Frost & Sullivan–all these analyst firms do good work, giving us a good handle on macro trends in the market.

However, what happens when you need to size the market, your brand share and growth for, say, wireless microphones sold through music instrument (MI) resellers? How about production document scanners sold through document imaging resellers? Or how many miles of trenchless sewer technology have been used in the last 10 years? No analyst report on the planet contains this information.

We’ve also found that analyst firms rarely size the market by interviewing resellers, distributors and other channel partners. If you rely only on manufacturing data, you will have little understanding of how these products go to market.

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