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B2B Email Marketing: Love It or Hate It?

- February 28, 2014 5:24 am
B2B Email Marketing Expertise from InnovaxisBelow is an excerpt from a blog post from the Adobe Business Catalyst Blog featuring Innovaxis Marketing Consulting, a BC Partner with a solid experience in marketing services, email campaigns, PR, website development, social media, channel development and more.

Most business owners and executives get between 50-200 emails a day. This makes it very difficult to get their attention with an email campaign. However, if done effectively, and as part of an overall sales and marketing campaign, email campaigns can generate quality leads. Otherwise, email campaigns can be a complete waste of time, result in prospects sending your email to the spam folder or even get your company’s email domain blacklisted.

List Acquisition

Some businesses out there use and NetProspex because both services offer full contact information, including email for $0.60 to $1.00 per name and you own the list. Renting lists doesn’t work because you won’t get any of the tracking: who opened the email, how often, what they clicked on, did they unsubscribe, etc. From our experience, up to 30% of the addresses you acquire will bounce – people move around a lot these days.

The more targeted list, and the message, the better. We’ve sent email campaigns to plant managers of refineries nationwide, CFOs of mid-sized manufacturers in the Upper Midwest and superintendents of every school district in the Chicagoland area – with messages that would only appeal to these groups so they know we specifically want to talk to them and are not spamming everyone and their brother.

Email Construction

This subject has been covered many times before, so I’ll keep my tips brief:

  • Use an email template reflects the design language of the site
  • Include 2-3 “hooks”: something interesting/educational, a download (e.g. video, guide, whitepaper) and something promotional (e.g. an offer, event invitation)
  • Like your web pages, don’t include so much content that it scrolls – people don’t like to scroll, they click so also include links back to your website for more information
  • Break up paragraphs of text with headings, bullets and small images
  • Make sure your email title and first 100-150 characters of the email body are compelling – this is what determines if someone will open it, delete it or junk it
  • Avoid spam triggers, including “free”, “exclusive offer” and even “click here”
  • Avoid newsletters: newsletters are about you and people want to read about something that directly pertains to them
  • Send from a person’s name (info@ and sales@ go mostly to junk) but don’t use their main email address as the number of bounces and out-of-office notices can overload your inbox and some will mark the email as spam so you can never get an email to them after that (and you may want to email them directly, outside of a campaign, at a later date)

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