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Sound World Solutions in the New York Times

- January 15, 2014 5:26 am

Our client and manufacturer of the CS10 Bluetooth personal sound amplifier (PSA), Sound World Solutions, was featured in the New York Times today. An excerpt:

Sound World Solutions in the New York Times“Like many men of his generation, Larry Faust, 61, of Seattle, went to a lot of rock concerts in his youth. And like many men of his generation, his hearing isn’t what it used to be.

“‘My wife has been bugging me for several years to do something about my hearing,’ said Mr. Faust. ‘I spent part of the summer of 1969 at Woodstock. So that probably didn’t help.’

“Instead of going the traditional route — buying hearing aids through an audiologist or licensed hearing aid dispenser — Mr. Faust purchased a device that is classified as a personal sound amplifier product, or P.S.A.P., which is designed to amplify sounds in a recreational environment.

“The device Mr. Faust bought, the CS10 from a Chicago-based company called Sound World Solutions, cost $299.99, thousands of dollars cheaper than most digital hearing aids. While it has many of the same features that high-end hearing aids have, including 16 channels to process sound, directional microphones, feedback insulation and noise reduction, it has one capability that hearing aids and other devices on the market currently don’t have. It comes with software that enables consumers to program it themselves, a feature made possible in part by the adoption of the widely available Bluetooth wireless technology, rather than the proprietary platforms used by most wireless hearing aids.”

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