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Farewell, Adobe Business Catalyst – What’s Next?

Meredith Schraeder – Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Adobe Business Catalyst Logo

At this time two years ago, we encouraged B2B companies to use Adobe Business Catalyst – our website content management system (WCMS) of choice.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Business Catalyst announced that they will end-of-life the platform by March 26, 2020. Adobe originally wanted to pull the plug in 2018, but pushed the date back as torches were lit and pitchforks were being sharpened. This leaves more than 700,000 websites currently hosted on Adobe with the daunting task of migrating to another platform.

Choosing a WCMS for your B2B website can be a struggle. There are so many – trendy platforms entice you with promises of do-it-yourself website designs and minimal prices. Others wow you with functionality until you realize that the monthly subscription is more than your entire marketing budget.

So, how do you choose the right WCMS without sacrificing something key?

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Website Strategy: Performance vs. Design

Sean Parnell – Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are You Satisfied with How Your Website Performs?

B2B Website StrategyB2B buyers today spend a great deal of time educating themselves about a business issue and possible solutions. When a visitor lands on your site (if they can find it), you've only a few seconds to convey that your product or service is relevant and your company is an authority. If you do, you will generate quality sales leads. If you don't, you'll never make it to the shortlist.

It All Starts with Strategy

A website that delivers quality leads, a healthy conversion rate and increased sales, begins with strategic planning.

To perform, your website needs to go beyond looking good and being easy to navigate to making it possible to accomplish your business goals, including revenues, profitability, and new client acquisition. Before you even think about a new site, step back and see if you can answer these six questions:

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Innovaxis Named Top Digital Marketing Agency, Again

Sean Parnell – Thursday, February 18, 2016

For the Third Consecutive Year, Clutch Recognizes Innovaxis for 2016

Innovaxis Named Top Chicago Digital Marketing Agency, AgainClutch today announces that Innovaxis has been named a top digital marketing agency in Chicago for the third year in a row.

Agency Selection Methodology

This new research by Clutch identifies Chicago-based agencies with exceptional records of client service in digital marketing. Clutch uses a proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology that maps each digital marketing agency's focus on digital marketing services against their ability to deliver based on client expectations.

"In today's digitally focused market, businesses of all sizes benefit from a strong online presence," stated Eleonora Israele, Analyst at Clutch. "Innovaxis has shown the ability to plan and execute complex digital marketing campaigns that increase their clients' online visibility."

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Adobe Business Catalyst vs. WordPress

Sean Parnell – Saturday, March 14, 2015

For small and mid-sized business, WordPress has become the defacto web content management software (WCMS) of choice. However, is it the best?

We've developed and edited hundreds of websites in both WordPress and Adobe Business Catalyst, and we've found the latter to be a much better option for SMBs. This is why we became an Adobe Business Catalyst partner four years ago.

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Innovaxis Named Top 10 Chicago Web Developer by Clutch

Sean Parnell – Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Innovaxis Named Top 10 Chicago Web Developer by Clutch | Innovaxis Marketing ConsultingClutch recently published new research on leading web development firms in the Greater Chicago Area.

Analysts examined Chicago based firms who have proven their success through projects for domestic and international clients. The top firms were selected based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors including company experience, positive client reviews, and market presence.

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The ABCs of SEO

Sean Parnell – Friday, February 01, 2013

SEO-Serch Engine Optimization and InnovaxisIt is most wise to beware of companies promising you the world in the form of a 1st page or #1 Google rankings. These inflated claims often come along with a range of dubious Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks that the major search engines have long factored in to their algorithms. The results might not be just disappointing they can cause irreparable harm to legitimate businesses. This is called "black hat SEO." Just ask JC Penney.

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Website Development vs. Web Design

Sean Parnell – Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Website Development Portfolio from InnovaxisWeb designers are a dime-a-dozen. A commodity. It seems everyone and their brother can create a new website these days. So what differentiates one from another? It's the difference between website development and web design. One generates leads. One will leave you thinking that marketing doesn't work.

Far too many web designers place style over substance, masking a lack of quality content with a few lines of code. Or they make you to write everything yourself—and you've got a business to run. They also claim to offer SEO services but often lack an understanding of current best practices, or utilize black hat SEO practices that can get you blacklisted by Google and Bing. To truly generate high Google rankings and to turn visitors into customers, your website needs to engage users visually, deliver compelling content and deliver effective SEO.

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Hire a Web Design Agency

Sean Parnell – Tuesday, November 06, 2012

  1. Web Designers: Just Say NoThey think in terms of web design instead of website development
  2. They understand design, not your business
  3. They know consumer marketing, not B2B—this explains all the "branding" talk
  4. They expect you to do the heavy lifting by supplying written content
  5. You're the one paying for their foosball table and designer eyewear
  6. The partner you meet will hand off your project to an intern
  7. They will develop your site in Flash
  8. They will give you a website that looks nice but doesn't generate leads
  9. They sell web design to everyone, whether you need it or not
  10. They don't know what it's like to be you

Hire Innovaxis Instead

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