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What Goes Into B2B Marketing Blogging?

Sean Parnell - Sunday, December 11, 2016

B2B Marketing Consulting: Content-Based Lead Generation

In order to turn blogging into a lead generating machine for our business-to-business (B2B) clients, a lot goes into every single blog post and web page that we create.

For the vast majority of our clients, weekly blogging can turn into gains of over $100,000 in new business per year.

Recipe for Success

Here's the recipe for a successful B2B marketing and lead generation effort:

  • We thoroughly research all relevant keywords (usually at least 700) and prioritize the top 1, 3, 10 keywords to focus all content generation, organic search and paid search initiatives
  • We evaluate our client's website to see how all existing content can be optimized so they get a lot more lead generation from what they already have, then implement a new website content strategy and implement the optimization
  • We brainstorm and prioritize an editorial content calendar that maps out what we will write and when, and also tracks what's been done
  • We interview our client's team to understand subjects that need to be written about
  • We do additional content research on the web to learn more about the subject matter and how others, especially competitors, have covered it before
  • We have our team of professional writers write each post, each of whom has at least 10 years of B2B writing experience and has been published
  • Each post/page is edited by one of our editors who usually have at least one year of experience in the industry of the subject matter - much more if it's enterprise content management, accounting software, electronics manufacturing, software, packaging, construction, business process outsourcing (BPO), business process automation (BPA), and information technology in general
  • Each post/page is SEO-optimized, including optimizing the page title, blog post title, meta description, H1 and H2 headings, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Each post/page has at least one image and links to related pages for cross-promotion
  • Each page is added to the navigation, if applicable
  • Each post has categories and tags applied that align with the most important keywords
  • Each post/page is monitored with analytics to see what's more popular and what isn't
  • We monitor keyword rankings, organic search volume, bounce rates, and leads generated to evaluate the success of the effort - f the effort is not moving the needle based on expectations, we may create additional content and do other things to accelerate results
  • We incorporate our client's feedback and what we learn with analytics into new blog posts

Thus, it's a lot more than just writing.

Next Steps

How does this compare with your content and lead generation efforts? Let us know if you're open to making a change for 2017.

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