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Key Ideas

  • We have 15 years of construction experience
  • We offer both strategic planning and implementation services
  • We work with both contractors and the vendors that serve them
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Innovaxis Construction Marketing Practice

Innovaxis has many years of driving growth for the construction industry as well as manufacturers and other vendors serving construction companies. Whether it's helping a contractor expand into new markets or a vendor building their contractor channel, Innovaxis will help you grow sales and profits through a wide breadth of marketing services.

For a concrete restoration contractor, we helped them triple their business in small projects by targeting property management companies—a valuable income stream when their main business dropped off during the recession.

Construction Marketing Services

Construction Portfolio (partial)

Whether it's project-based work, supplementing your marketing staff without adding headcount or if you're considering outsourcing all of your marketing efforts, we ask: What can we do for you?

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