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Marketing Plans & Strategy for Manufacturers

There are 3 Keys for Ensuring Successful Product Launches, Channel Sales & Thwarting Competitors:

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Market Research

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Competitive Intelligence

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Product Management

Our clients often contact us because they need to grow
sales, “do more marketing,” or both. If it were possible to just snap
your fingers and increase sales, you wouldn’t need us. Instead, you need
to start by thinking strategically about sales and marketing: you need a marketing plan.

But what good is a plan if it’s written by people sitting in a room trying to convince themselves of what’s going on in the market? You need to find out what’s going on with current customers and clients, prospects, channel partners, and competitors.

In doing so, you will:

  • Confirm some things you thought you know
  • Find evidence counter to what you thought you knew
  • Learn key things you didn’t even know to ask about

Many new products and programs have failed because they were disconnected with channel and end-user requirements.

Once you have a plan, you need to ensure that market and channel requirements are incorporated into the product development process and when developing go-to-market and channel strategies through creating product/marketing requirements documents (PRDs/MRDs), alpha and beta testing, and the actual launch. This function is known as product management.

All of the above is like buying an insurance policy for successful product introductions and program roll-outs.

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