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Website Content Goals: C3

In the few seconds they will spend on your website, will your visitors find what they are looking for or get frustrated and leave? Innovaxis creates Compelling, Concise Content (C3) for clients that want to transform website visitors into sales leads.


  • Website visitors either get what they want or leave unsatisfied
  • Satisfied website visitors can be cultivated into prospects
  • Strong calls-to-action can convert visitors into sales leads


  • Visitors spend an average of 30-90 seconds on most websites
  • Visitors are unlikely to scroll down on a web page: 80-95% of content read & links clicked on are “above the scroll”


  • Website content is the #1 form of SEO
  • All web content needs to be written well and in a uniform voice
  • Content includes navigation and graphics
  • User navigation needs to be simple to find information fast
  • Graphics help illustrate written content and are good for SEO

Innovaxis Website Content Marketing Services

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Why Use Innovaxis for Website Content Strategy?

  • We are the only marketing consulting firm to offer this service
  • Our professional, published writers will create your web content
  • We give website visitors what they want, not fluffy ad copy or “black hat” SEO
  • We will transform “consumer-ish” websites into powerful lead engines for B2B clients
  • We have experience in many industries
  • Our market research background gets us up to speed quickly in new industries

What Can We Do for You?

These are the tools behind a B2B content strategy that drives results – tailored and crafted by a team that understands your business.

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