4 Ps of Marketing: Placement & Channel Marketing Services

The second of the Four Ps of Marketing is “Placement.” This refers to selling through partners as opposed to selling direct. While selling direct can lead to higher margins, selling through channel partners can lead to higher volumes and more profit overall. Innovaxis offers the following channel-related services:

Go-to-Market Strategy

You need the right mix of OEM, channel and direct sales that represents the highest profitability and the least conflict. Otherwise, they will represent your competitors and you will have to invest heavily on sales reps and advertising.

Channel Program Development

We will help you formulate new channel programs and terms based on your sales goals. We will also obtain feedback from your partners to ensure the most successful program launch. Learn more…

Channel Partner Recruitment

Want to sell around the world? We will recruit and conduct pricing negotiations with private labelers, wholesalers, distributors, integrators, resellers, and stores globally to sell your products and services. Learn more…

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