4 Ps of Marketing: Pricing

The third of the Four Ps of Marketing is “Pricing.” This refers to understanding the true value proposition of your products and services, comparing them to market alternatives, and setting list/retail, OEM, channel, and end-user pricing. Innovaxis offers the following pricing-related services:

Pricing Formulation

An Innovaxis specialty: you need a guiding pricing direction (e.g. premium pricing vs. price/loss leader), and to determine the right mix of selling through channels vs. direct.

Competitive Research & Analysis

We will determine competitor pricing structures and profit margins. We will also evaluate how the market perceives competitor value propositions vs. actual pricing. Learn more…

Price List Development

There is more here than meets the eye — we will establish easily understandable end-user/retail pricing based on how the market perceives your true value proposition, the value of alternatives, and margins required by partners (if applicable).

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