Innovaxis Values & Culture

Our team of creatives, writers, former journalists, marketing specialists, and more worked together to develop organizational values that felt genuine - ones that truly reflected who we are as a team, rather than corporate posturing.

These are the attributes we believe make Innovaxis unique - values that we truly believe in and uphold in our work.

Integrity Integrity


Our work, commitments and working relationships should reflect high standards of fairness, honesty and reliability. We live up to our commitments and take responsibility for our mistakes.

Diversity Diversity


Our workplace – and our work – is improved by the inclusion of and respect for a wide variety of viewpoints, backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, personalities, racial, ethnic and gender identities and experiences.

Transparency Transparency


Honesty and humility in the face of mistakes are key to the continuously improving our work and educating our clients on the work being done.

Credibility Credibility


We reject loose standards of accuracy and truth that often characterize marketing efforts. There is no better form of marketing than credibility.

Innovation Innovation


Our commitment to growth and innovation includes a willingness to think and experiment beyond conventional ideas and solutions to conceive, develop, and deliver new processes, products and services.

Conscience Conscience


We honor our responsibilities to each other, to people in general, to the planet, and to the general principle of “leave it better than you found it.”

Authenticity Authenticity


We are a company made up of human beings, not algorithms, and we reject cookie-cutter approaches. We instead invest time in team member, client and partner relationships.

Respect Respect


We acknowledge the contribution of team members and are committed to maintaining a culture of support, collaboration and mutual respect in pursuit of shared company goals.

Quality Quality


Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Our commitment to providing high quality work, measurable results and strategic insights is rooted in professional pride.