Increase Demand Generation by Bringing Your Brand Story & Thought Leadership to Life with Compelling Videos


You’ve got a great story and the Innovaxis Team has a lot of ways to help you tell it.

Video content is a great way to drive leads and capture the attention of your prospects in a wide variety of visual and storytelling styles. Whether you want to incorporate a bit of humor, showcase your capabilities, or demonstrate your understanding of the challenges your prospects face, video is a powerful way to present the problems you solve and value your solutions provide.

The Innovaxis team of writers, digital designers, and video editors are skilled at bringing your brand story and thought leadership to life from concept through script writing, editing and production – on a budget that won’t leave you ready to…


Innovaxis B2B Marketing Consulting Agency Overview

A Key Part of Your Custom Marketing Program

You will get the most out of video development when they embody your brand story and are part of a holistic marketing strategy, which is why our video production services are only available as part of our custom B2B and nonprofit marketing programs that are designed to drive double-digit growth and create a marketing competitive advantage for you.

Innovaxis videos are only available individually if you already have a marketing program in place with us. Most content marketing videos can be fully developed from concept through creation for under $5,000 and brand story videos with 3-D animation are under $15,000. Innovaxis clients do not want to spend more than $15,000 on a single video and we have found innovative ways to deliver powerful messaging for that budget.

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Brand Story Videos

Innovaxis created these videos from concept through creation using 3-D animation (which is just one method of creating them)

Innovaxis B2B Marketing Consulting Agency Overview
Electropolishing Process Overview

Content Marketing Video Examples

Innovaxis created these videos from concept through creation, using a combination of film clips, custom graphics and stock video animation (middle video)

Electropolishing 316 Stainless Steel: Before & After
Innovaxis B2B Marketing Audit Overview
Electropolishing vs. Passivation Overview

Concept & Script Writing Examples

Innovaxis collaborated with our client’s marketing team and 3-D animation videographer to create the concept, write the script, and review/edit video drafts

MetaSource - Doing More With Less
MetaSource Lien Release & AOM