Bring Your Brand Story & Thought Leadership to Life

You will get the most out of video development when they embody your brand story and are part of a holistic marketing strategy, which is why our video production services are only available as part of our custom B2B and nonprofit marketing programs that are designed to drive double-digit growth and create a marketing competitive advantage for you. Innovaxis videos cost a fraction of what corporate video production companies would like to charge you.

Brand Story Video Examples

Innovaxis created these videos from concept through creation

How to Generate B2B Results: Innovaxis Overview
LiVe Logistics Brand Story Video
Fuel Business Growth with Kirsch's Accounting Advisory Services
Electropolishing Process Overview
CMI Novacast Electromagnetic (EM) Pumps for Foundries Overview
Plastixs Overview
Milliman MedInsight Brand Story Video
Able Brand Story Video

Content Marketing Video Examples

Innovaxis created these videos from concept through creation, using a combination of film clips, custom graphics and stock video animation (top-right video)

How to Create a Data Analytics Center of Excellence in Healthcare
Innovaxis B2B Marketing Audit Overview
Case Study: Tech Integrator, BPO & Software Vendor
Electropolishing 316 Stainless Steel: Before & After
Electropolishing vs. Passivation Overview
MedInsight Data Science Portal

Concept & Script Writing Examples

Innovaxis collaborated with our client’s marketing team and 3-D animation videographer to create the concept, write the script, and review/edit video drafts

MetaSource - Doing More With Less
MetaSource Lien Release & AOM

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