B2B Content Marketing Service

Increase Demand Generation by Double-Digits with Compelling Thought Leadership

We love the look of a beautifully designed website as much as anyone, but it doesn’t have much marketing value unless it’s backed up by content that gets and holds the attention of the right audience. That’s a function of effective storytelling backed by B2B marketing strategy, is the foundation of a successful B2B website, and is central to the effectiveness of any marketing strategy.

Story + Strategy = B2B Marketing Results

When it’s well done, content marketing can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business from leads driven to your website. Unfortunately for many B2B marketing efforts, it often isn’t.

When it’s boring, poorly written, not focused on topics relevant to your prospects, or not optimized for SEO, content marketing is like one of those Post-It notes you leave out to remind your teenager to take out the trash: Invisible.

You need a great story. But you also need a great strategy.

There’s a Great Story Inside Every Business

Effective content marketing starts by making sure you have a clear understanding of what your prospects really need. After all, they are the most important characters in the stories you tell. They’re the heroes, trying to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and their goals.

B2B marketing, like a good B2B business plan, works only if your prospects are convinced that you are the right guide, with the solutions they need.

At Innovaxis, we spend a lot of time getting to know both our clients’ businesses and the needs of their prospects. Who are they and what are the things that keep them up at night?

This is the central question that drives everything we do and we come at it from multiple angles.

With expertise in B2B marketing strategy, market research, product management, content marketing, SEO, and journalism, the Innovaxis Team brings a wide array of skills to the effort of answering these questions. Our content is strategy driven and built with tools that provide a detailed picture of a business.

Marketing Audit

A deep dive into our clients’ websites and other marketing efforts shines a light on current strategy and opportunities for improvement. What is working and what is falling short? Who visits the site and why? What content is most effective at drawing the right searchers? How many searchers are converted into customers? Are SEO optimization tools being used effectively?

Market Research

Primary market research—phone interviews conducted by our team of MBAs—with your channel partners, customers and prospects can help refine messaging, identify credibility gaps and identify new innovations to offer. What are they looking for? What unmet needs are holding them back?

Sales Team Interviews

Interviews with key sales team members can reveal the path that turns prospects into customers, along with the dead-ends and the false starts. What are the most frequently asked questions? What do they think stands between them and their sales goals? How does current marketing strategy align with what they hear out in the world?

Brand Story Workshop

Every good story needs a hero on a quest, a villain in the way, and a guide to overcoming obstacles on the journey to success. The brand story workshop walks company leaders through the stories they need to tell. We ask a lot of questions to surface the details that are sometimes overlooked in the day to day struggles of running a business.

Professional Copywriting

A writing team stocked with experienced copywriters and former journalists provides us with the interviewing and writing skills needed to bring great stories to life. From case studies and success stories to explainer pieces, profiles, whitepapers, features and humor, we create content your prospects will want to read and a content calendar that keeps your website and other marketing materials up-to-date and SEO friendly.

Ongoing SEO Analysis & Optimization

Every great story needs a great strategy for getting it out there. Content is the foundation of on-site SEO and if you’re not using the right optimization tools, it won’t matter how compelling your content is because the right people will never see it. What search terms are most effective at driving the right prospects to your content, right now? Does your content deliver what they’re searching for? Is it optimized using all of the tools available to drive SEO? What can be tweaked to get the right leads to the finish line?

What Can We Do for You?

These are the tools behind a B2B content strategy that drives results – tailored and crafted by a team that understands your business.

Let us know if you’d like to request a free consultation, B2B marketing audit or B2B brand story workshop.