B2B Marketing Strategy, Planning & Consulting

Clients of Innovaxis contact when they want to drive double-digit revenue growth and increase the value of their business. To do so, it’s important to think strategically about your marketing. Initial thoughts typically focus on web design and re-branding, but what good is a website if no one knows about it or cares? And how effective is a new logo or design language if it fails to communicate value to your market?
Innovaxis believes that web design, branding and many other marketing services are important but are only as a tactical part of a comprehensive marketing plan that is created in harmony with your profitability goals and what your channels and customers need. Therefore, we believe that when you invest in marketing, you start with a plan that incorporates the right mix of strategic marketing services from Innovaxis:

  • Market Research: interviews with your channel, customers, partners, and salespeople to determine market size, brand share, and product/service requirements
  • Brand Story Development: understanding and articulating your value in ways that resonate powerfully with your prospects, customers, partners, and potential buyers of your business
  • Product Management: development of product roadmaps, PRD/MRDs, beta testing, and launching new products/services
  • Website Content Strategy: the optimal combination of written content, graphics and user-friendly site navigation to maximize demand capture and generation, leads and sales
  • Campaign Development: development of email marketing campaigns, print campaigns, social media, and PR
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: ensuring all your marketing efforts maximize sales by working in harmony

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