B2B Marketing Strategy, Planning & Consulting

Clients rely on Innovaxis when they want to generate double-digit revenue growth and increase the value of their business. To do so, it’s crucial to think strategically about your marketing rather than opportunistically, which can amount to “random acts of marketing.” Clients and agencies tend to over-focus on redesigning their website and possibly re-branding, but what good is a website if no one can find it or it doesn’t resonate with them? And a new logo may look great, but it’s not going to generate leads.

Innovaxis believes that web design, branding and many other marketing services are important but only as a tactical part of a comprehensive marketing plan that is created in harmony with your sales and marketing goals, and conveys what your customers and channels need.

Therefore, we believe that when you invest in marketing, you start with a plan that incorporates the right mix of strategic marketing support:

  • Strategic Marketing Audit & Plan: deep-dive due diligence into what’s working, what isn’t, and what is needed to generate sustainable, double-digit growth; once prioritized, recommendations from the audit become your strategic marketing plan at least for the next 12 months
  • Market Research: interviews with your channel, customers, partners, and salespeople to determine market size, brand share, and product/service requirements
  • Brand Storytelling: understanding and articulating your value in ways that resonate powerfully with your prospects, customers, partners, and potential buyers of your business
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: learn how you can resist the temptation to buy into the value-cost tradeoff and tap into blue oceans of demand by adding value while reducing costs for prospects
  • Fractional CMO Services: our founder and president serves as a fractional CMO to a select group of small and mid-sized B2B clients, offering a wide range of both strategy and hands-on experience across dozens of industries over the last 30 years
  • Content Marketing: beautifully designed websites are great but gon’t generate leads unless they tell your brand story in the form of educational content that resonates powerfully with your prospects, including foundational web pages, blogs, news, case studies, guides, and long-form content
  • Search Engine Optimization: the most effective SEO implementation starts by researching what people actually search for (keyword phrases) when they are somewhere in the buying process and SEO can dramatically increase keyword rankings, organic search traffic, demand capture, and customer acquisition – when implemented by a partner that understands your business
  • Campaign Development: development of email marketing campaigns, print campaigns, social media, and PR
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: ensuring all your marketing efforts maximize lead generation and sales by working together in harmony

Additionally, for manufacturers and software vendors:

  • Product Management: development of product roadmaps, PRD/MRDs, beta testing, and launching new products/services
  • Channel Marketing: formulation of new channel programs and terms based on your sales goals with the option of launching campaigns to recruit private labelers, wholesalers, distributors, integrators, resellers, and stores globally to sell your products and services
  • Pricing: understanding the true value proposition of your solutions and pricing them based on that value compared to direct competitors and strategic alternatives

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