B2B Fractional CMO Services

A fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) provides numerous benefits to businesses that want to accelerate their growth but do not have a dedicated marketing leader.

At Innovaxis, our founder and president serves as a fractional CMO to a select group of small and mid-sized B2B clients, offering a wide range of both strategy and hands-on experience across dozens of industries over the last 30 years.

Below are some advantages of utilizing Innovaxis fractional CMO services.


Full-time CMOs typically command salaries of $100,000 to $200,000 per year. With a fractional CMO, you can access the expertise of a seasoned marketing professional without the expense of a full-time executive’s salary and benefits. By not committing to a full-time CMO, you can allocate your budget more efficiently and allocate resources to other critical areas of your business.

And Innovaxis fractional CMO services are built into your custom B2B marketing program instead of costing you $200 to $300 per hour.


Fractional CMOs typically have extensive experience across marketing skills either concentrated in one industry or across many. They leverage their diverse experience to provide you with valuable insights that will help you grow.


You can tailor the engagement to your specific needs, whether it’s for a few hours a week, a few days a month, or a project-based arrangement as part of your custom B2B marketing program. This flexibility allows you to scale the CMO’s involvement up or down as your business requirements change.

Strategic Guidance

They can help you develop and execute marketing strategies, including market research, brand development, product positioning, and digital marketing plans, to achieve your business goals.

Measurable Results

Fractional CMOs often work with a focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI), ensuring that their efforts are results-driven and can demonstrate the impact of marketing initiatives on your business.

When part of a custom B2B marketing program, you can expect a 300% ROI within 18 months.


Fractional CMOs are typically less emotionally invested in the company than full-time employees, allowing them to provide more objective assessments and recommendations.

Team Leadership

A fractional CMO can lead and mentor your marketing team, providing guidance, training and oversight to improve their overall performance.

Network & Connections

Many fractional CMOs have extensive networks and can leverage their connections to benefit your business, whether it’s for new customers, partnerships, or finding the right vendors.

Rapid Onboarding

Fractional CMOs can start contributing to your organization quickly since they bring extensive experience to the table, requiring minimal training or onboarding – especially when leveraging the brand story framework and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Crisis Management

They can provide leadership during marketing crises or challenging situations, helping your company navigate issues like reputation management and market disruptions.

Fresh Perspective

An external CMO can bring a fresh perspective to your marketing efforts, identifying opportunities and challenges that might be overlooked by an in-house team.

Project Management

They can manage specific marketing projects or campaigns, ensuring they are executed efficiently and effectively.

Transition Assistance

If you plan to hire a full-time CMO in the future, a fractional CMO can help with the transition by assisting in the recruitment and onboarding process.

Risk Mitigation

Hiring a fractional CMO allows you to test the waters before committing to a full-time CMO, reducing the risk associated with a permanent executive hire.

Get Started Today

It’s essential to choose a fractional CMO whose skills and experience align with your business’s needs and objectives. A well-defined scope of work and clear communication are crucial for a successful partnership and what you can expect with a fractional CMO from Innovaxis.