Custom B2B Marketing Programs

Transform Your Website & Digital Marketing into Lead Generation with a Custom B2B Marketing Program

Business owners and marketing leaders who want sustainable, double-digit growth face a major challenge: they want to increase lead generation and new customer acquisition but lack the right mix of the 16 core marketing skills on their team. They often turn to digital marketing agencies for help, but spend a lot of money and get “random acts of marketing” and a marketing “partner” who doesn’t understand their business – instead of results.

Innovaxis custom B2B marketing programs deliver results: typically a 300% ROI within the first 18 months based on your total marketing spend (not just our services). Many Innovaxis clients experience a 1,000% to 2,000%+ ROI based on revenues generated from their Innovaxis custom marketing program, and a 300% to 600% ROI on the profits those revenues generate – read the case studies here and see the marketing ROI you can expect here.

Piecemeal marketing generates piecemeal results, which is why so many marketing efforts end in disappointment. Custom B2B marketing programs from Innovaxis will help you generate sustainable, double-digit growth with a process honed over 30 years of helping B2B owners and marketing leaders reach their goals.

It starts with a marketing audit.

6 Steps to Marketing Results

Step I: Conduct Due Diligence

The marketing audit from Innovaxis is marketing due diligence: a deep-dive into your website, pay-per-click campaigns (e.g. Google Ads), quality of your content and brand story, digital marketing, and traditional marketing efforts. We identify problems and opportunities and determine where we can have the greatest impact on your lead generation, ecommerce sales, and overall sales – including identifying where to find and convert low-hanging fruit.

If there’s not much for us to audit, we can conduct a brand storytelling workshop or, if you have a burning marketing need, we can put out the fire as part of a small project. Whatever the case, this initial effort will help us truly understand your marketing problems, opportunities, and what we can do about them, as well as give you a chance to get to know us. The basic Innovaxis marketing audit typically takes 2-4 weeks; including market research takes a bit longer.

Because internal views can be hampered by blind spots, it’s important to incorporate input from your customers. Market research from Innovaxis will identify what your prospects and customers value most and what they don’t. Interviewing customers will also identify where you are differentiated and where you provide value that no one else does, which can open up Blue Oceans of opportunity and render your competitors irrelevant.

Step 2: Create a Marketing Strategy
An Innovaxis belief: execution without strategy is risky, strategy without execution is wasteful, and partnering with someone who can do both is ideal.

Once the recommendations from your marketing audit are prioritized, you’ll have a strategic marketing plan for the next 12+ months.

As part of our Blue Ocean Strategy approach, we will also help you avoid the market differentiation fallacy, identify new “blue oceans” of demand, and make competition irrelevant.

Step 3: Execute Agency Services
To execute the strategy, Innovaxis will present you with three options for your custom B2B marketing program. If one of these options is attractive to you, it becomes the basis for your custom marketing program.

Once we have an agreement in place based on the option you select, your custom marketing program will begin with an onsite kick-off (unless remote is preferable). We then meet with your team every two weeks, sometimes weekly if needed (at first), to review progress and marketing deliverables. You will also receive monthly marketing reporting to track the impact of your custom marketing program on both leading indicators (rankings, traffic, website activity, etc.) and lagging indicators (leads) of sales.

As part of your custom marketing program, Innovaxis functions as an extension of your team with our president serving as your marketing consultant or fractional CMO, and the rest of the Innovaxis team serving as your marketing agency.

Step 4: Leverage Technology & Marketing Automation
Innovaxis team members are experts in a wide variety of marketing technologies and will help you leverage your existing technology investments to get more out of them and help you identify new technologies that will facilitate and enable sustainable, double-digit growth.

Innovaxis partners with accessiBe, Google, HubSpot, NitroPack, Termly, RollWorks, WP Engine, ZeroBounce, Zoho, and ZoomInfo – just to name a few.
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Step 5: Generate Results
Custom marketing programs from Innovaxis typically generate at least a 300% ROI within the first 18 months based on your total marketing spend (not just our services). Many Innovaxis clients experience a 1,000% to 2,000%+ ROI based on revenues generated from their Innovaxis custom marketing program, and a 300% to 600% ROI on the profits those revenues generate.
Step 6: Continuously Improve
2-3 months before our agreement ends, Innovaxis will develop a marketing strategy and new custom marketing program for you for the next 12+ months that will further accelerate your growth, and the process repeats.

Our results go beyond leads and new customers: Some Innovaxis clients experience the kind of growth that brings buyers bearing offers they can’t refuse. And marketing leaders who partner with Innovaxis have leveraged the results into big promotions, including director/VP of marketing and CMO.

Your Roadmap to Marketing Success: What You Can Expect

The Innovaxis marketing audit and strategy will identify where low-hanging fruit can be converted, how to build up your marketing foundation to ensure sustainable, double-digit growth, and how to further accelerate your growth over the medium and long-term.

Marketing Milestones

Average timeline of results:

Innovaxis B2B marketing milestones

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