Market Research

You’ve Got Questions. We Find Answers.

We believe there’s no substitute for the insights gained from primary market research. We obtain this intelligence by speaking directly with your channel partners, customers and competitors. Without it, companies fumble around in the dark. With it, you will learn how to create competitive advantage by understanding:

  • Market size, brand share and where sales can be found
  • Competitor business practices, programs and pricing structure
  • How to create new channel and pricing programs that drive sales
  • How to turn an idea into successful new products
  • Who to target for mergers and acquisitions

That’s why Innovaxis offers actionable intelligence on a global scale, leading to marketing strategies that are effectively implemented by your team or ours—especially for business-to-business (B2B) clients and specialty business-to-consumer (B2C).


“Innovaxis is a different kind of research firm. Their work gave us direction and a competitive advantage. We now have a better understanding of the market. The work was extremely detailed and in-depth. Based on Innovaxis market research findings, we were able make modifications that had a positive effect on our business.”

– Research Director for Kodak

Our Market Research Specialties