Pricing for Custom B2B Marketing Programs

What can you expect to pay for outsourced marketing services and how does it compare to the cost of hiring a full-time marketing employee*? Here are some price ranges of custom marketing programs based on our experience:

Agency Size
Marketing Investment
Very Small: <5 emps. $500-$2,500 per month
Small: <20 emps. $2,500-$7,500 per month
Medium: 20-50 emps. $5,000-$12,500 per month
Large: 50+ emps. $10,000+ per month
Fractional CMO $200-$350 per hour
Marketing Hire Annual Salary** Monthly Salary**
Coordinator $36,000 to $75,000 $3,000 to $6,250
Manager $48,000 to $114,000 $4,000 to $9,500
Director $55,000 to $175,000 $4,500 to $14,500
CMO $66,000 to $240,000 $5,500 to $20,000

* Marketing hires typically only have 2-3 of the 16 different marketing skills
** Numbers generated using Indeed’s salary tool

Example Options for an Innovaxis Program

While all businesses have unique challenges, opportunities and needs, below are three example custom marketing program options from Innovaxis that generate double-digit sales growth and an ROI of 300%+ within the first 18 months. What is the right custom marketing program for you? Find out with a marketing audit – and beware of anyone who proposes a program (or project) for you who does not conduct their marketing due diligence. See what ROI you can expect here.

Why invest in a program instead of commissioning a new website or other marketing projects? In a word: traction. With a program, your marketing foundation will be shored up or completely rebuilt, you’ll convert low-hanging fruit to gain momentum, and you’ll see accelerated results as you progress with the program. Projects take 3-10x longer to deploy as agencies have to chase new projects as soon as one has been landed, and a combination of deliverables is needed to produce results.

Marketing Deliverable

Conservative Growth

Recommended to Start

Moderate Growth

The Best Value

Aggressive Growth

Ideal for Years 2-3+

Brand Story Development & Implementation

Like a Whole New Website with a New Design & Powerful Messaging but without the Cost

Surfacing of your brand story and sub-brand stories with your team as part of an onsite kickoff; worksheet development and presentation back to your team (worksheet revised with management feedback); development of new content for the home and about page, company profile, elevator pitch, and tagline – and your website will look like you spent $20,000 $30,000 to redesign it; more with examples here

Yes Yes Yes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Leverage Your Existing Content for Maximum Rankings, Traffic & Lead Generation

Resolve Google Search Console and Moz crawl errors, broken links and HTML improvements; conduct comprehensive keyword research; rewrite and incorporate keywords into URLs/folders, meta descriptions, page titles, H1 and H2 headers, calls-to-action, ALT tags, and structured data for all pages of the site; more

(first 50 pages)
(first 50 pages)
(first 100 pages)

Content Marketing

Convey Your Value & Thought Leadership to Increase Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation

Create new pieces of content (foundational web pages and blogs of at least 500 words), optimized for SEO and re-purposed on your social media accounts; more

1 per month
(12 total)
1.5 per month
(18 total)
2 per month
(24 total)

Email Campaigns

Convey Your Value to Prospects Needing Your Solutions that Aren’t Actively Searching

Create and sent from your account (HubSpot) – you will gain maximum traction if the same audience is targeted with new content, every month; more

0.5 per month
(6 total)
1 per month
(12 total)
1 per month
(12 total)

Marketing Collateral

Package Your Value & Thought Leadership in Impressively Designed Pieces to Distribute

2 or 4-page brochure to post to the website and hand out at shows; more

2-Page Brochure 2-Page Brochure 4-Page Brochure

Marketing Automation Implementation

Attract More Prospects, Automate Lead Nurturing and Get a 360° View of All Prospect Activity

Implementation of HubSpot or Zoho for email marketing, web forms, live chat, and CRM; includes training for your team; more

None 1 per month
(12 total)
1 per month
(12 total)


Package Your Value & Thought Leadership in Gated Website Assets to Generate Leads

Development of a 4-6 page guide(s) on the subject of your choosing (we will suggest topics following the brand story workshop)

0 1 2

Case Studies

Demonstrate Credibility by Showing the Value & Impact You’ve Had for Your Customers

2-page write-up based on an interview with your client(s)

1 2 3

WordPress Migration

Standardize on a Platform Used by 67% of the World’s Websites & Automate Maintenance

Migration of the current website content to WordPress, which is used by 2/3 of all websites in the world, to be hosted on WP Engine managed hosting with Smart Plugin Manager and Site Monitoring; your site will be secured with an SSL certificate (https://) for no additional charge

1 hour of updates per month 2 hours of updates per month 3 hours of updates per month

Website & Other Digital Enhancements

Continuously Update Your Website to Improve the Visitor Experience

Proactive recommendations for further website enhancements; can also be used to enhance marketing automation (e.g. HubSpot and Zoho), third-party profiles, and link building); additional hours needed to be charged at $150 per hour

2 hours per month >3 hours per month 4 hours per month

PPC Implementation & Enhancements

Maximize Lead Generation & ROI for your Google Ads & Other PPC Investments

Creation of new campaigns in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and/or LinkedIn Campaigns with proactive updates of campaign settings, ad copy, extensions, keywords, and any other changes; includes the time needed to create new campaigns; additional website hours needed to be charged at $150 per hour; recommended Google Ads budget: $300 to $500 per month; more

1 hour per month 1 hour per month 2 hours per month


You Don’t Need to Spend $10-$30,000+ for Videos that Resonate Powerfully with Prospects

One brand story video of 1 1/2 minutes or less that includes a combination of still photography, relevant stock photos, limited graphics, and voice-over; can include 1-2 hours of limited filming at your facility; additional charges apply for additional filming and third-party voice-overs

No No Yes

Marketing Consulting

Utilize Innovaxis Leadership as Your Marketing Consultant or Outsourced CMO

One onsite kick-off for this agreement, monthly reporting, bi-weekly meetings with at least one person from both the digital and content marketing teams, monthly Google Ads recommendations, and marketing consulting

Yes Yes Yes


All of the Above for Less than the Cost of one Full-Time Marketing EmployeePaid monthly over 12 months with a 60-day opt-out option

$4,000 per month $5,000 per month $6,000 per month