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Google Ads Certified

Many companies want to generate leads and product sales by using Google, Bing and LinkedIn Ads because they see their competitors advertising or have heard of those who’ve had tremendous success with these platforms.

To be successful with PPC, it’s critical for your campaigns to be set up and closely monitored by people with deep experience with these platforms and a strong understanding of your business, served markets and the problems you solve for them. Otherwise, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on PPC and get nothing.

Running automated or “Smart” campaigns is a seductive concept: just give the platform access to your credit card and let them automate everything – you’ll save time and sit back as the leads roll in! We’ve rarely seen this approach work, especially in B2B markets, because no algorithm can generate brand story content that will resonate each market you serve.

Innovaxis offers a better way that has worked for many businesses like yours since 2007.

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The Innovaxis Approach to PPC

  • Deep Experience: our digital marketing team is Google Ads Certified and have also worked with Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and a few other PPC platforms
  • Get the Most Lead Gen for the Least Spend: our experience with PPC and your business translates into knowing what works the best, what traps to avoid, and when to experiment
  • Getting Your Feedback & Course Correction: we review your PPC campaigns as part of our bi-weekly meetings with you to review key performance metrics, see how your conversions are turning into leads and sales, recommend enhancements, and make campaign improvements on a continuous basis

The Innovaxis PPC Process

  • Keyword Research: we apply the keyword research conducted as part of our search engine optimization (SEO) service
  • Campaign Development: we set up whatever combination of display and search ads we believe will maximize lead generation and product sales based on your budget; this includes creating the ad copy (copywriting is critically important and needs to align with your brand story), incorporating graphics, and developing sitelink extensions
  • Launch & Updates: it’s critical to monitor new campaigns on a daily basis up to a month following launch as PPC platforms start in learning mode and bid and other adjustments are often needed
  • Ongoing Monitoring: we monitor your campaigns on at least a weekly basis; after two months, we start to evaluate the strength of each part of a campaign (different headlines, descriptions, extensions, etc.), recommend changes to you, and implement what is agreed upon

Running PPC Campaigns Today?

If you’re running some combination of Google, Bing, LinkedIn, or any other PPC advertising (e.g. Facebook,, Multiview, etc.), we can audit your campaigns are all of your marketing efforts to determine how you can get more out of your ad spend by confirming what is working, identifying problems and how they can be fixed, and recommending more ways to get more out of your campaigns.

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