Meet the Innovaxis Team

Lina Parnell, Innovaxis

Lina Parnell


Through challenges like the Great Recession and the coronavirus pandemic, Lina has guided this enterprise we call Innovaxis Marketing. With a background in production engineering, continuous improvement and operational stewardship with companies that include Johnson & Johnson and AIG, Lina helps ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality of service and results for our clients.

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Sean Parnell, Innovaxis

Sean Parnell


In January 2007, Sean founded Innovaxis after 12 years of working in market research, product management, distribution channel strategy, and developing both digital and traditional marketing campaigns. Sean serves as a fractional / outsource CMO for B2B clients without a marketing department, and marketing consultant for B2B marketing executives, while serving the Innovaxis team as the head marketing architect. He has special industry expertise working with clients in such varied industries as enterprise content management (ECM), technology, manufacturing, business process outsourcing (BPO) payroll, printing, retail display, retail packaging, and work uniform industries.

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Pat Dunnigan, Innovaxis

Pat Dunnigan

Manager, Content Marketing & PR

With a background in journalism, humor writing and teaching adults how to ice skate (perhaps her biggest challenge of all), Pat has a talent for making any topic interesting and, using our B2B brand story framework, resonate with your prospects to generate leads. She assembled and manages our team of five B2B writers and writes scripts for our B2B brand story videos.

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Raven Chapman, Innovaxis

Raven Chapman

Lead Writer

It would be hard to find someone with more effectiveness at conveying content that will resonate with your prospects as Raven, particularly at the same point in their career. With one of the most positive dispositions we’ve ever experienced, Raven is both a tremendous asset to our team, to all of our clients and to the nonprofits she serves.

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Sarina Remiasz, Innovaxis

Sarina Remiasz

Digital Marketing Manager

With a degree in business administration from the University of Tennessee, Sarina leads our digital marketing team. She tackles any challenges that come to her and helps our clients discover new ways to leverage their website, marketing automation, and other digital marketing tools.

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Jane Taylor, Innovaxis

Jane Taylor

Sr. Digital Marketing Coordinator

A recent graduate from Denison University, Jane brings relevant digital marketing experience and a passion for learning. She is driven by solving the problems of our clients with innovative digital solutions.

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