B2B Marketing for Technology Integrators & VARs

Custom B2B marketing programs from Innovaxis will fuel your growth as a technology integrator with sustained, double digit revenue growth and a 300%+ ROI within the first 18 months

Innovaxis has worked with 50+ technology integrators and value-adding resellers (VARs) over the past 30 years to increase their traditional and ecommerce sales. We work especially well with those who realize that cold-calling doesn't work well for technology buyers that are increasingly self-educating themselves about your solutions before ever wanting to see a demo or to speak with a sales rep. Once we understand your value as part of the brand storytelling process, we will develop this content, add it to your website to increase inbound lead generation, and use this content to fuel outbound campaigns. We also know how to leverage existing content from your vendors so we don't need to recreate the wheel – and sometimes even get vendor funding to pay for our marketing services.

It’s common for technology integrators and VARs to feel disconnected with other marketing agencies, whose marketing efforts are frequently ineffective because they don’t really understand your business, your value and differentiation, and what prospects across different vertical markets need from you.

Additionally, if you're not yet selling online but have developed your own solutions, we can implement ecommerce that will likely be critical for your long-term growth.

Some of Our Technology Integrator Clients

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Technology Integrator Marketing Services

Hover over each service offering to learn more:

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Market research and competitive intelligence
  • Marketing audits
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Brand storytelling
  • Content strategy
  • Blue Ocean Strategy

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

  • Professional copywriting
  • Creation of foundational web pages, blogs,
    guides, whitepapers, case studies
  • Email, direct mail, advertising, and PR campaigns
  • Videos
  • Social media

Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Graphic design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads, LinkedIn and other Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  • Marketing automation

Software Vendor Marketing Support

If you develop your own software, Innovaxis can also leverage our experience working with numerous software companies to help you productize your ideas, price them based on their value (vs. cost-plust pricing), recruit resellers, and target end-user prospects:

Marketing Strategy
Product Marketing

Product Marketing

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Market research and competitive intelligence
  • Product roadmap Development
  • Product/marketing requirements Documentation (PRD/MRD)
  • Beta testing
  • Launch support and e-commerce
  • Minimum advertised price (MAP) policy creation
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Marketing Strategy
Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing

  • Market research and competitive Intelligence
  • Channel program development and discount structures
  • Global channel partner recruitment
  • Channel web portal development and microsites
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Marketing Strategy
Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies

  • Value-based pricing formulation
  • Identification of list price, channel pricing, and street price
  • Incentives and pricing-related promotions
  • Bundling opportunities
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Highlighted Case Studies

Technology Integrator & BPO Provider

Learn how Innovaxis generated a 348% ROI through the creation of two websites that generate enough leads to qualify them as being among the company’s top sales performers, creation of a partner portal where resellers can register leads and submit pricing requests, and establishing the company as a thought leader in the mortgage industry. Learn more >

Technology Integrator & Software Vendor

Learn how Innovaxis created two new websites, increased organic search traffic by 280%, optimized Google Ads campaigns, increased inbound call volume by 800%, and generated a 1,025% marketing ROI. Learn more >

Your Technology Marketing Partner

In a world where marketing agencies overpromise and underdeliver, Innovaxis stands out with its dedication, expertise, and results-oriented approach tailored specifically for technology integrators and VARs. Contact us to learn how your marketing can fuel your growth and what a marketing audit could do for you.

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