Innovaxis Testimonials

“Innovaxis Marketing boosted inbound leads from zero to over 2,000, which resulted in significant customer conversions. The team is highly skilled at translating complex industry terminology into understandable content. They are an accessible partner that meets deadlines.”

Director of Operations, Property Tax Appeal Service

“Prior to engaging Innovaxis, we had 1-2 digital leads per quarter and rankings for keyword searches were on page four or lower. Today, we rank #1 or 2 on page one in five key word searches that represent 80% of the target markets we seek to engage. We are averaging 4-6 leads per WEEK.”

President & CEO, Retail Packaging & Display Company

“The Innovaxis team’s focus is the best part of working with them. We’ve had plenty of ideas, themes, and things to do, but they’ve streamlined all of those into the same message. Ultimately, our company has achieved many of those goals in a focused manner instead of bouncing off the walls left and right. The organic search traffic has doubled month-over-month compared to previous years.”

CRO, Business Services Company

“Their personal and customized approach in helping us achieve our goals was impressive. After a period of time, we closed more new account business directly related to our online marketing efforts.”

Executive, Work Uniform Company

“We found three companies between references and on-line. We liked Innovaxis’ approach best as they conduct an audit up front which helped set a barometer of where we were and where to go from there in a very most cost-effective way. We’re impressed with their response time and ability to be flexible to our seasonal needs.”

President, Environmental Services Company

“Innovaxis is excellent at collaboration and ideation in addition to the tactical work. We successfully and consistently appeared in the search engine results pages for our top keywords, our website traffic increased over 300%, (and) our conversions were up over 700%. Overall, we would not have achieved our revenue goals from marketing demand generation without Innovaxis.”

Marketing Executive, Financial Services Company

“The team’s marketing and design services generate growth and positive stakeholder feedback. A collaborative partner, Innovaxis Marketing leverages regular communication to enhance their ideation skills and market knowledge. Customers can expect to have a good working relationship with the team.”

VP Sales & Marketing, Induction Heating Manufacturer

“There has been a significant increase in potential clients, and results from sales calls and email campaigns have improved since the project began. Innovaxis has good customer service and is very professional. The team is personable and easy to talk to.”

CEO, Service Bureau & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Reseller

“I enjoy working with the team.” Innovaxis is like my backup team and the work is working: 60% of our ROI comes from the work Innovaxis does. Innovaxis “understands the voice and tone of (our company) perfectly.”

CMO, Entity Management Software Company

“There has been a good ROI – revenue being the biggest one. Our volume is also up.”

President, Electromagnetic Pump Manufacturer

“The ROI has been good. We hit our goal of 3-4 calls a week since the SEO changes. The website updates and menu look great. The responsiveness is great. The video was amazing, better than expected and opened us up to doing more work like this.”

Director, Business Development, CPA Firm

“Whenever challenges come up, they are open and happy to adjust. The team is really solution guided. Innovaxis can supplement the bandwidth of our larger projects. By working on the content and website, we are free to focus on more tactical things.”

Associate VP of Marketing, Business Automation Software Company

“The effort is tremendous. Everyone is easy to work with, always incredibly responsive and supportive. They are quick to address problems and find solutions. You can tell the team cares. It was a seamless technical transition, and the team did a wonderful job speeding up the website.”

CEO, Silicon Valley Design & Build Automation Engineering Company