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Tie Your Website, Email Marketing & CRM Together for a 360° View of Your Customers & Prospects (and where your profitability growth will be generated)

HubSpot Gold Partner

Simply put, HubSpot is the easiest, most powerful, and most cost-effective marketing automation software available. We think HubSpot is better than Pardot, Marketo, Act-On, SharpSpring, ConnectWise, FreshWorks, VBOUT, and more – we’ve used so many of them – which is why we’ve become a HubSpot partner after using it for many years.

HubSpot’s capabilities are numerous but most users commend it for its landing pages, blog, web forms, IP lookups, lead scoring, email management, sales sequencing, and CRM integration.

From our experience, HubSpot’s email management capability is better than Constant Contact, iContact, MyEmma, MailChimp, and every other email system we’ve used.

We even think HubSpot is a better CRM than Salesforce and Zoho, which is why we use it ourselves.

And watch out WordPress, Wix and Squarespace: HubSpot’s CMS Hub blog and content management system is simple to use and doesn’t require numerous plugins that result in your website crawling slower than Super Diego.

Innovaxis B2B Marketing is proud to be a HubSpot Gold Partner.

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