B2B Marketing Audit Service

Double-digit growth in 2024 and beyond starts with a marketing audit today

For marketing to effectively increase lead generation and sales, conducting due diligence is essential. Many agencies will whip up a proposal based on 1-2 conversations with you – at best, this is not enough to develop a holistic marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve developed the Innovaxis B2B Marketing Audit: to serve as deep-dive, marketing due diligence that leads to a clear marketing strategy and the results you want.

The Innovaxis B2B Marketing Audit identifies:

  • What’s working and could work even better with some enhancements
  • What’s not working and why
  • How you can open up blue oceans of demand and drive sustainable, double-digit growth

The B2B marketing audit typically takes the form of a 10-20 page report with an executive summary, specific findings, and recommendations and which is presented to you and your team. Once prioritized, the recommendations become your marketing strategy for the next 12+ months.

What You Get

A deep dive into where you have invested the most time and money (whichever are applicable):

  • Your website: brand story messaging, thought leadership, content marketing quality, design, usability (UI/UX), and performance
  • Onsite search engine optimization (SEO): keyword research, strategic copywriting, crawl issues, etc.
  • Offsite SEO: linking domains, Google PageRank, opportunities for free and paid directory listings and articles, etc.
  • Social media presence: LinkedIn, X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Pay-per click campaigns: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Campaigns, and more
  • Campaigns: email, direct mail and advertising
  • Events: in-person and virtual
  • PR: press releases, articles, news, presence on third-party websites
  • Marketing technology: website infrastructure, marketing automation (HubSpot, Zoho, etc.), and use of other technologies
  • Reporting: how you measure and communicate marketing progress
  • Competitors: digital footprint and anything else you want to learn from them (competitive intelligence market research)
  • Other options: product marketing/management, channel programs, pricing, and anything else not listed here that’s part of your marketing activities

B2B Marketing Audit Process

  • Kick-off with your management team and other relevant personnel
  • Optional: interviews with key channel partners, end-users, field personnel, and even competitors
  • A holistic and comprehensive analysis by our team of consultants with 20 years of B2B marketing experience
  • Presentation of the B2B Marketing Audit to you and your team

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