B2B Marketing Audit

Learn how your marketing compares with best practices, and how to increase B2B lead generation and product sales by 30-300%

What You Get

If you’re unhappy with the lack of leads generated by your current marketing efforts, or wonder how you can get more out of your marketing in other ways, you’ve come to the right place.

B2B Marketing Audit from InnovaxisOur B2B Marketing Audit takes the form of a 10-20 page report with an executive summary, specific findings and recommendations and which is presented to you and your team.

High-level B2B Marketing Audit components:

  • Problems that need to be fixed to improve lead generation and thought leadership
  • Opportunities to further accelerate sales and marketing results
  • How to take your business to the next level

More specific B2B Marketing Audit criteria (whichever are applicable):

  • Marketing Communications: website, content marketing, SEO, SEM (AdWords) campaigns, advertising, PR, videos, events, and social media
  • Products & Services: roadmap, product management, target markets, differentiation, and market segmentation
  • Distribution Channels: sales and marketing programs, discount structure, recruitment, and marketing
  • Pricing: market value vs. cost-plus pricing, end-user vs. channel pricing, and competitive intelligence

B2B Marketing Audit Process

  • Kick-off with your management team and other relevant personnel
  • Optional: interviews with key channel partners, end-users, field personnel, and even competitors
  • A holistic and comprehensive analysis by our team of consultants with 20 years of B2B marketing experience
  • Presentation of the B2B Marketing Audit to you and your team

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