Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Services

Known as keywords, the most effective SEO implementation starts by researching what people actually search for when they are somewhere in the buying process. Innovaxis will conduct this research, then implement all relevant keywords throughout the metadata, body text and even the footer of every single page on your site.Innovaxis offers two flavors of SEO, both of which are crucial for maximum Google & Bing search engine rankings:

On-Site SEO

Content is the #1 form of on-site SEO. Most SEO companies don’t touch content with a 10-foot pole.

Once your content is strong, you can further optimize your website with an array of background SEO best practices with the following best practices:

  • Incorporate unique, professionally written metadata on every page through all five layers, including file name/URL, page title, meta description, meta keywords, and image ALT text
  • SEO footer implementation: listing all products, services and markets served within the tag of every page
  • H1 header for every page
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt file
  • Utilization of Google & Bing Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Off-Site SEO

Building quality links on reputable sites:

  • Social media
  • Company directories
  • Article publishing sites
  • PR sites
  • Event sites
  • Google My Business
  • DMOZ

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