Website Usability

Strong Website Ergonomics Helps Transform Visitors into Leads

As a function of our website development service, we will create a new website that is easy to navigate so your prospective customers, clients, channel partners, and strategic business partners will find what they’re looking for quickly and want to talk with you to learn more.

This is especially crucial for sites with a lot of content. As we’ve said before, content is the #1 form of SEO so you need a lot of it to attract visitors. This is why you need strong usability, ergonomics and human factors to keep visitors on the site: the longer they’re on your site, the higher the chances they’ll turn into a prospect—and the higher your Google rankings based on their average time on page metric.

Website Usability Did-You-Know

  • People prefer to click links vs. scroll down pages: it’s point & click vs. point, click, move & hold
  • 90% of what people see is “above the scroll” of a web page
  • Content is essentially invisible if visitors don’t see it
  • Visitors read from right to left and top to bottom, so the top right has more value than the bottom left
  • Drop-down menus are a visually appealing way to categorize a vast array of content
  • Flash content will not show on an Apple mobile device

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