Website Content Development

Content is the #1 form of SEO. Why then do most web designers require you to provide all writtencontent for your site? Our clients are busy running their business and generating sales—not copywriting website content.

Our professional team of published writers will generate all written content for your site to increase website traffic and transform visitors into sales leads. We will quickly generate this content based on discussions with you, your team and your target markets, leveraging our extensive market research background and industry experience. Our writers will also work closely with your web design team (us, you or third-parties) to create graphics that visualize the written message—all of which enhance the user experience. Happy website visitors that find what they’re looking for in 60-90 seconds become sales leads.

Why Use Innovaxis for Website Content Development?

Visitors will typically spend 8 seconds on your home page and only longer if they are engaged. To ensure that your website visitors are engaged by finding what they’re looking instead of becoming frustrated and visiting your competition instead, Innovaxis will:

  • Create a site outline listing every page, based on your current website content
  • Identify content that is missing, outdated or simply needs revision
  • Identify new content needed
  • Create a site structure that ensures all content is found with a minimum of clicks
  • Give website visitors what they want, not fluffy ad copy or “black hat” SEO
  • Transform “consumer-ish” websites into powerful lead engines for B2B clients

Contact us if your website isn’t generating the leads you need for growth.