About Innovaxis Marketing

Are you looking to achieve a marketing breakthrough by working with a partner that understands your business and can generate results? If so, you’ve come to the right place.Founded in January 2007, the Innovaxis Team works with business owners and marketing executives that want more from their business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts, and want to work with a partner that can help you overcome obstacles and capture new opportunities in thought leadership and lead generation. We are a HubSpot gold partner.

The first step to accelerating your sales growth is our B2B Marketing Audit, which identifies problems to be fixed, gaps to be filled, and opportunities to be seized.Recommendations from the audit form the basis of your customized B2B Ignite Program. B2B Ignite typically pays for itself in the first 9-18 months, with an ROI over 300% in the first 2-3 years.

B2B Ignite covers all Four Ps of Marketing that drive the Fifth P: Profit. Other marketing agencies only focus on marketing communications, while we also support your product management, channel marketing, and value-based pricing efforts.

Our clients see value in taking a strategic and holistic B2B marketing approach, understand that marketing results come from an open and collaborative effort, and value Innovaxis being a strategic partner instead of a vendor.

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The Innovaxis Advantage

Innovaxis clients typically earn a 300% ROI on our services within 2-3 years – examples:

  • A technology vendor, distributor and integrator client has generated over $1 million from website submissions that converted into sales for an ROI of 335%
  • A manufacturer of induction heating technology has generated over $2.5 million in incremental product sales (including B2B ecommerce) since we started working with them over five years ago for an ROI of 837%
  • A work uniform rental service has generated over $1 million in 2018 from website submissions and calls that converted into sales for an ROI of 3,300%
  • An integrator of technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) service has generated over $500,000 from website submissions that converted into sales for an ROI of 317%
  • A property tax appeal service has generated over $200,000 from website submissions and calls that converted into sales for an ROI of 355%
  • An accounting software reseller has generated over $277,000 of annual, recurring revenue from our marketing partnership, stimulated especially by our microsite development focused on their top three vertical markets
  • Previous to working with Innovaxis, all of the clients above generated almost nothing from web and phone leads

We have deep experience in areas where most other marketing agencies and consulting firms are weak, including:

  • Generating results for our clients is our first priority, particularly with increasing lead generation and thought leadership
  • Our B2B focus includes extensive experience in product management, channel marketing, value-based pricing, and integrated marketing communications
  • Innovaxis is not a marketing agency: we are a marketing consulting firm that implements our strategic plans in close collaboration with our clients
  • We have a global network of market research professionals
  • Our professional writing team is formed by former journalists and published authors
  • Our website development efforts span a multitude of platforms: WordPress, Joomla Drupal, Adobe Business Catalyst, Modx, and many others
  • Our SEO experience dates back to 2003 when Google was competing with Lycos and Altavista
  • Our graphic design and brand identity team has extensive B2B experience
  • We’ve done it all—as clients and for clients
  • We redefine full service marketing with all the services above

B2B Marketing Consulting & Agency Services

The Innovaxis Advantage

We have deep experience in areas where most other marketing agencies and consulting firms are weak, including:

  • Extensive B2B experience
  • We redefine full service marketing with everything listed above
  • Professional content written from our team of published authors and former journalists
  • SEO expertise dating back to 2003
  • MBAs on every market research call
  • We’ve been in your shoes—as clients and for clients

Innovaxis Clients

We work primarily with small, family-owned businesses and divisions of larger companies looking to dramatically grow sales without adding headcount. We have worked in hundreds of markets with special expertise in technology, manufacturing, construction, document imaging & ECM, and pro audio. What can we do for you?

Innovaxis Supports

We feel that it’s important to give back. We volunteer, support and love AIESEC and The People’s Music School.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student organization and provides international internships and enlightenment for college students.

People’s Music School in Uptown, provides free, after school music education for inner-city children. Contact us if you’d like to help us support these worth organizations that have brought so much to so many.