About Innovaxis Marketing

Business owners, marketing executives and nonprofits wanting to generate double-digit growth from their marketing efforts rely on Innovaxis. This growth is delivered by increasing thought leadership, demand generation, and customer acquisition – often starting with a marketing audit followed by the execution of a marketing program customized for your organization.

Innovaxis clients appreciate that we have process to rapidly understand their business, based on our experience in a wide variety of B2B industries and our market research background, and ability to surface key elements of your brand story that resonate powerfully with prospects. We only grow if you grow: Innovaxis custom marketing programs typically pay for themselves within the first 9-18 months and generate an ROI of 300%+ within 2-3 years (often sooner).

Marketing Strategy

Your customized marketing program from Innovaxis starts with development of a marketing strategy that identifies the right combination of inbound and outbound marketing to achieve your sales and marketing goals over the next 1-3+ years. This effort typically begins with a marketing audit, possibly combined with some degree of market research, and leads to creation of a strategic marketing plan.

Agency Services

Execution of your strategic marketing plan consists of both digital and content marketing. Thought leadership content is developed (blogs, case studies, eguides, etc.) and spread by enhancing and leveraging your website, digital marketing campaigns (email, PPC), and marketing automation. We are partners of HubSpot, Zoho, ZoomInfo, WP Engine, NitroPack, ZeroBounce, and are Google Ads Certified. Your customized marketing program will also help you get the most out of traditional (non-digital) marketing efforts, including advertising, PR, direct mail, tradeshows, and may also include product management, channel marketing, and value-based pricing support.

Get Started

Are you a good fit for a customized marketing program from Innovaxis? If you see value in taking a strategic and holistic B2B marketing approach, understand that marketing results come from an open and collaborative effort, and value working with a strategic partner instead of a vendor – then let’s talk.

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