Learn how to use the best contact database available, including those actively searching for your solutions


ZoomInfo is a cloud-based market intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams that provides comprehensive contact and intent information to help you find best-fit contacts within your target markets, including those actively searching for your solutions.

ZoomInfo works by combining proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with a network of contributors, business application integrations, and human researchers who research and verify information.

As a ZoomInfo partner, Innovaxis clients rely on us as the bridge between what the technology can do and what their business needs from ZoomInfo, including its Intent capability of identifying prospects actively searching for your solutions. Our ability to deeply understand your business means that we can identify how you can fully leverage ZoomInfo to increase demand generation, new customer acquisition, and sales – to achieve double-digit growth.

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ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo’s SalesOS platform helps you maximize productivity, accelerate your sales pipeline and reach the revenue potential. The features offered by SalesOS include: contact and company search, buyer intent, email and phone automation, chatbots, and conversation intelligence.

The base level is SalesOS Professional and it gives you access to the largest and highest quality database that we’ve ever used.

Upgrading to SalesOS Advanced includes ZoomInfo’s “Intent” functionality, which allows you to identify companies that are actively searching for your solutions. Intent starts with up to six intent “signals” that are most effective when they reflect the top keyword phrases you target as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. These intent signals can include custom keyword phrases not currently tracked by ZoomInfo, for a modest additional charge and following a vetting process that takes 2-4 weeks. ZoomInfo then identifies and alerts you to prospects that are actively searching for these intent topics so you can reach out to them.

Intent’s SalesOS Elite plan includes 12 intent signals and automated workflows so that ZoomInfo automatically emails prospects actively searching for your solutions without your team having to manually do it. This requires integration with HubSpot, Zoho or other marketing automation software.

ZoomInfo MarketingOS

MarketingOS helps demand generation and account-based marketers target, engage, and convert leads to buyers by giving them high-quality data, insight-driven orchestration, and personalized engagement across multiple channels.

MarketingOS offers features including: contact and company search, display advertising, chatbots, web form enrichment, and website visitor tracking capabilities.

We know that marketers typically fail because the data in most account-based marketing platforms is both inaccurate and incomplete. With ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data, MarketingOS enables marketers to effectively reach target accounts and drive qualified leads for sales.

If you’re looking to strategically integrate ZoomInfo’s technology services into your business, contact an Innovaxis expert today.

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