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Zoho CRM

Configure your CRM and marketing automation solution to fit your needs – without the high price tag

As a useful all-in-one business operating system, Zoho offers everything from CRM to email to help-desk software. The best part about Zoho is its customization and scalability. You have the freedom to purchase only the tools you need, helping you stay within budget. This is what differentiates Zoho from other CRM and marketing automation software options – and why we began offering Zoho to our clients.

Most frequently, our clients use Zoho for its simple and cost-effective email campaign system. Zoho Campaigns is not only easy to set up but can be configured to fit your specific needs based on how many emails you send per month.

The following table compares three campaign plans Zoho offers: the Standard Plan, the Professional Plan, and the Pay-as-you-go Plan.

Plan Comparison

Plan Type Pricing Structure Email Marketing Automation Campaign Tracking & Reporting Advanced Segmentation
Standard Plan Begins at $3/month billed annually for up to 500 emails No Yes Yes
Professional Plan Begins at $4.5/month billed annually for unlimited emails for up to 500 subscribers Yes Yes Yes
Pay-as-you-go Buy email credits based on your short-term needs. There is no monthly or annual commitment No Yes No

Based on our experience using Zoho Campaigns, we recommend the Standard Plan. This plan is most commonly used by our clients. The tables below break down the plan’s pricing structure as well as some of its core features.

Standard Plan Pricing Breakdown

# of Emails Price/year # of Contacts
500 $36 250
2500 $108 1250
5000 $180 2500
10,000 $300 5000
25,000 $432 12,500
50,000 $624 25,000
100,000 $996 50,000

Standard Plan Features (non-exhaustive)

Email Newsletters Mailing List Management Email Marketing Campaign Tracking & Reporting
Pre-designed Newsletter Templates Subscriber Management Schedule Email Campaigns Recipient Activity Reports
Template Layouts Create Mailing Lists Recipient Timezone based Delivery Bounces & Unsubscribe Rates
Drag-and-Drop Editor Segmentation of Mailing Lists Batch Emails Open Rates
Template Library Bulk Segments Merge Tags Click-Through Rates
Import Email Templates Custom Fields Dynamic Content Spam Complaints
Mail In Sync Leads & Contacts from Zoho CRM RSS Email Campaigns Location Based Reports
Import Template Content from Google Drive Import Subscribers from XLS, XLSX, CSV A/B Testing Device Specific Reports
Versions in Templates(undo and redo) Bounce & Unsubscribes Automatic Removal Customize Email Header & Footer Email Campaign based Reports
Email Attachments Mailing Lists Email Summary Email Opened & Unopened Recipients Mailing List based Reports

Zoho also offers free versions of many of their tools, including their CRM, forms, and more. This means that you can sign up for one part of the Zoho software, such as Campaigns, and get CRM capabilities as a free bonus. Obviously, the free version of Zoho CRM – or any Zoho tool – does not have all features included, but it has a generous number of features for a basic CRM. This is especially useful for small businesses that do not need complex systems to manage their business.

If you need a configurable and cost-effective software solution for your business, Zoho may be right for you. As Zoho experts, we can help you implement and reap the benefits of Zoho for your business needs.

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