Integrated Marketing Communications

The most common complaint we hear in business-to-business (B2B) markets is that “marketing doesn’t work.” Every time we’ve heard this was the result of a client using a web or graphic designer to create a website or  piece of marketing collateral and having to write their own content, which was then launched and then failed to have the phone ring off the hook with orders. For your marketing efforts to be successful, they need to be developed in harmony, implemented consistently and persistently, and with a feedback loop built in so further efforts can be improved and drive even more sales.

What Is an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan?

A plan that ties all your marketing efforts together to drive sales.

After all, when was the last time you made a significant capital expenditure because you received a postcard, a newsletter or because someone told you they launched a new website? In order to buy, your prospects need to visit your new website with its sharp design and compelling content, review your brochure, receive promotional emails, have your sales reps visit them, read an article about you, hear about you from peers—and if any of the above are weak, you stand to lose this prospect to a competitor.

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