Case Study: Tech Integrator, Software Vendor & BPO Provider
(348% ROI)

Executive Summary

With a new marketing director at the helm, this enterprise content management (ECM) software vendor and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider and sought a marketing partner that could help drive thought leadership, lead generation and sales in the mortgage, government, transportation, and healthcare verticals.

The company chose a custom marketing program from Innovaxis to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience with marketing strategy, website development, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) plus 20 years of experience in the ECM industry.

Innovaxis created a marketing strategy that included building a new website built around SEO optimized content that would fuel the generation of qualified leads by ensuring that prospects searching for relevant solutions ended up on their site.

The new website was soon filling the pipeline with inbound leads while also making it easier for the company’s inside sales reps to generate and cultivate outbound leads among prospects who had a ready source of information to educate themselves about the company’s services and products.

To date, the company’s investment with Innovaxis has yielded more than $1 million in new business that originated from web submissions, with much more in the pipeline.


The following was achieved over the course of an engagement, now in its fourth year:

  • More than $1 million in new business that originated from web submissions
  • a 348% ROI
  • The creation of two websites that generate enough leads to qualify them as being among the company’s top sales performers
  • Creation of a partner portal where resellers can register leads and submit pricing requests
  • Establishing the company as a thought leader in the mortgage industry

Marketing Solutions

Their custom marketing program began with a comprehensive and holistic marketing plan built around both inbound and outbound strategies and designed to meet the very specific needs of a B2B enterprise operating in a mature and highly competitive market.

That meant maximizing opportunities in the company’s existing spheres of industry while also mining for new opportunities in unplumbed vertical industries. Highly targeted, high-quality and SEO-optimized web content, along with case studies and whitepapers, helped achieve both goals.

Today, the company is national force the mortgage industry and is gaining strength in other verticals. The company’s two websites, as well as the PR efforts of Innovaxis, continue to drive leads and unearth new opportunities.

The company’s private equity ownership has been more than pleased with the bottom line results and the company continues to benefit from a marketing partnership that has also established them as thought leaders in the industry with a host of speaking engagements, panel invitations and industry publishing opportunities.

Client Testimonial

“Innovaxis Marketing is very easy to work with, very responsive and very knowledgeable – more responsive than typical agencies. I consider Innovaxis an essential member of our team as they are very knowledgeable about our company and the companies within, as well as the industry. We use Innovaxis as an agency as well as a consultant, and their pricing is extremely reasonable.

“Increased traffic to our website has allowed us to establish more credibility in the industry. Big companies are now referring to us as a competitor!”

– Associate VP of Marketing (director when we started working together)

About Innovaxis Marketing

If you want to transform your website into a lead generation machine, increase ecommerce sales by 20-40%+, and fuel sustainable, double-digit sales growth, a custom B2B marketing program from Innovaxis could be right for you. Business owners and marketing leaders rely on Innovaxis to increase sales and generate a 300% ROI in the first 18 months by leveraging marketing strategy, agency services, and marketing automation – with Blue Ocean Strategy to make competition irrelevant. Innovaxis works with established small and midsized firms and offers special expertise for manufacturers, software vendors, distributors, integrators, and service providers. Get started with a marketing audit.