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#fail: How to Lose Friends & Influence Nobody with B2B Social Media

Raven Chapman - Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How to Fail at B2B Social Media

“Everyone” knows that social media is the key to #success. “Studies” have shown that harnessing the power of so-called social “influencers” can yield ROI that is like, literally, millions of times higher than other methods of outbound marketing.

We’re not sure what other forms of marketing these studies measure but the point is, when you consider the fact that the top nine or 10 influencers count 500 million people as followers, the open rate on your latest email campaign is not even worth talking about. So how do you get there?
Experts say it helps if you’re already famous:

“It helps to already be famous or to become famous to become a social media influencer…”

—  Digital Marketing Expert

Thanks, Digital University of the Obvious. But the point is, millions of people are using social media every second of every day to communicate their “brands” to millions of other people.

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How to Add Sales Promotions to Your Company’s Facebook Page

Sean Parnell - Friday, April 29, 2011

OfferpopSince the tab structure of Facebook has recently changed, we were asked by a client to identify how to add a page on their company’s Facebook page to highlight a sales promotion. After doing a quick search, we ran across Offerpop’s “Exclusive” application, and we were sold.

After going through about a 60-second implementation, an “Exclusive” tab is placed on the left side of the company’s Facebook page, under Wall, Info, Friend Activity, Photos, Events, etc. Clicking on “Exclusive” takes you to a page where you can have a 500-pixel wide graphic of your promotion along with whatever text you have to explain it. Hyperlinks can be embedded on the graphic and in the text, which can go to a form on your website or wherever else your call-to-action takes your prospects and customers.

Offerpop’s “Exclusive” application is free until your company’s Facebook followers exceeds 500,

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