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WP Engine vs. SiteGround: Which is Better for Your WordPress Site?

Sean Parnell - Saturday, March 2, 2024

Web hosting

While both WP Engine and SiteGround make starting and managing a WordPress website easier than with non-WordPress hosting like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and HostGator, our experience over the last five years is that WP Engine is better suited to host websites for small and mid-sized and large-sized businesses. Users praise WP Engine for its custom software solutions, testing environments, and overall great experience for any website.

Because WP Engine is dedicated to WordPress entirely, it’s built to be the best option for efficiently managing WordPress sites, while SiteGround must also accommodate other content management systems. As SiteGround initially appears to be the cheaper option, featuers we believe most websites need all cost extra and make WP Engine a better deal.

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Marketing ROI Calculator: Your Pathway to Smarter Investments (& Returns)

Raven Chapman - Friday, March 1, 2024

ROI calculator

Strategy-minded business owners recognize that marketing is an investment in the growth of their business but few business owners know how to calculate the return on their marketing investment.

Marketing has to do more than create a tangible picture of the value and services you provide. No matter how eloquent your messaging or how beautiful your website, if it’s not generating results you can quantify, at a cost that makes sense, it’s not much of an investment.

Our new Lead Generation & Marketing ROI Calculator helps to demystify the process of understanding your bang for the buck. Embracing this data-driven approach enables you and your team to make better decisions about where you spend your marketing time and money,

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