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SEO & The Role of Content Marketing

- June 29, 2020 7:40 pm

SEO & The Role of Content Marketing

“Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.” – Google SEO Starter Guide

Once all of your current web pages and blogs are fully optimized for SEO, you’ll see significant rankings increases often 2-30% or more. For keywords where you’re not yet ranking on Google page one’s top 3 results, you will need more content to drive them higher in addition to offsite link building, which we will cover later.

After brainstorming and prioritizing new content ideas, you will have a new content calendar. We recommend that you create at least three new website content items per month that include fully optimized page names, titles and meta descriptions once published.

Professional Copywriting

A writing team with experienced copywriters, ideally some of whom are former journalists, provides the interviewing and writing skills needed to bring great content and your brand story. From case studies and success stories to explainer pieces, profiles, whitepapers, features and humor, your prospects want relevant, interesting and sometimes humorous content to gain insight on how to solve their problems and seize new opportunities.

Developing a content calendar will harness all of your brainstorming, provide a plan and track your progress.

Social Media Re-Purposing

We also recommend promoting all new content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. A quick way to start is to use the meta description of your new page, then add a photo (500 pixels wide and at least 250 pixels tall) and always link back to your website.

In our opinion, Instagram and Pinterest are only relevant if you are publishing social media posts with original imagery vs. stock imagery.

Content Syndication

Promoting your blog on the following sites can help attract more prospects – just make sure it’s original or Google will deem it duplicate content and not index it. Here are some free article posting sites:

Get Started Today

Copywriting can be a heavy lift for companies like yours, considering all the idea generation, writing, editing, and publishing involved. Talk to one of our B2B marketing experts to see how we can help you achieve all of the above with the least amount of effort, and with maximum lead generation and sales results.