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B2B Content Marketing

Content is the substance of all websites, campaigns and marketing collateral. When content marketing is done effectively, it can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business from the leads it generates. When done ineffectively, it feels “fluffy” and generates nothing.How can you ensure that B2B content marketing is done successfully? It starts with strategy from experienced marketing consultants and ends with execution by experienced copywriters and editors, working in harmony with your SEO initiatives and campaigns.

B2B Content Strategy

Knowing what to write, how much and in what form its needed is all part of your B2B marketing strategy and, more specifically, your content strategy.

Content strategy is the translation of your sales and marketing goals into content deliverables, whether it’s web pages, blogs, brochures, case studies, whitepapers, email campaigns, direct mailers, etc. Only an experienced B2B marketing consultant that understands your business can create an effective content strategy.

One output of a content strategy is an editorial calendar to determine the subject matter to be covered, what form it will take and when it will be launched.

Professional B2B Copywriting

Once your editorial calendar is in place, our professional team of published B2B copywriters create this content. They will work closely
with you to understand the subject matter. Our editors then polish it up, share it with you and revise based on your input.

Then you just need to get your salespeople ready to follow up with and qualify all of the resulting leads.

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