Marketing Services That Drive Profits
Accelerate Profitability with Innovaxis

Services that Drive the “Fifth P” of Marketing

Through strategic marketing planning and implementation services, Innovaxis provides business-to-business (B2B) marketing consulting services necessary to grow your business and prevent loss to competitors. Most “full service” marketing firms are really ad agencies that may also do some print and web design. At Innovaxis, we cover all Four Ps of Marketing that drive the Fifth P: Profit.

Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Market Research: interviewing your channels, customers and partners to determine market size, brand share and product requirements
  • Product Management: creating product roadmaps, PRD/MRDs, beta testing, and launching new products/services
  • Website Content Strategy: transforming your website into a lead engine through web design, copywriting and SEO
  • Campaign Development: creating electronic, print, phone, and third-party promotional campaigns to generate leads
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: ensuring all your marketing efforts maximize sales by working in harmony

Marketing Implementation Services

  • Web Design: creating new web designs and writing all content by our team of graphic designers & published writers
  • SEO: integrating search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into the web design process as well as link building through website directories, article publishing, press releases, and social media
  • Marketing Collateral: writing content and designing printed materials for brochures, data sheets, customer profiles, etc.
  • Channel Development: creating global distribution channels, reseller networks and referral sources
  • PR: press release writing and distribution, article publishing, speaking engagements, media training, and tradeshow support
  • Event Planning: hosting flawless events and tradeshow support
  • Social Media: creating content for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and forums to maximize SEO
  • Video Production: writing scripts and shooting film for corporate videos, product demos and events

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