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Brand Story & SEO: Increasing Website Conversions

- April 19, 2020 9:00 pm

B2B Website Lead Conversion & Generation

To increase your website’s capacity to generate leads, many often turn to a commissioning new web design. Facelifts can help but only addresses the style of your brand and not its substance.

Savvy marketers know that you can increase traffic to your website with content marketing leveraged by search engine optimization (SEO) and PR to increase leads but that’s only half the battle.

While a creative, professional web design, content marketing, SEO, and PR are all important pieces of the puzzle, converting more website traffic into leads depends more upon how strongly your messaging resonates with prospects.

Upgrade Your Brand Story

We believe your brand should tell a story. It’s one thing to bring prospects to your website using SEO best practices but you need to stimulate their interest so they reach out to you and become a lead. Otherwise, your website’s messaging is not serving its purpose and is why many websites fail.

It all starts with your home page, which has to do more than display your products and services – it has to tell a compelling story about how you solve problems for prospects in your target markets. This positions you as the guide for your prospect–who is the hero of your brand story–and how you lead them to success while avoiding failure.

When you position yourself as the hero of your brand story–by telling them how great you and your solutions are–you will fail to resonate with prospects. It’s like being on a date and you only talking about yourself. It also requires them to already know that your solutions can solve their problems and that’s a tall order, particularly if they’ve never heard of you and your solutions before.

Avoid the Minimalist Content Trap

Your home page is called the root of your site for a reason. Most home pages get 10x more traffic than the next most popular page on your site, and it’s a big opportunity to make a strong first impression with prospects.

Don’t make the common SEO mistake of neglecting your home page content: while your home page shouldn’t be written like a blog with 300-500+ words, its content is critical to rankings and for prospects to understand if you can solve their problems, so avoid the trap of when designers and consultants advise against being too “wordy.”

Implement a Primary Call-to-Action

Once your brand story is established, it’s crucial to create a primary call-to-action that is positioned as a button in your header so that it’s always visible – just as the one you see on this website.

Just make sure it’s appealing and present a quick and easy way to engage prior to having to buy anything. An effective call-to-action allows your prospects to vet you and vice versa as part of your sales qualification process.

Enhance Existing Page Content

Once your brand story is incorporated into your home page and primary call-to-action, you need to weave your story throughout the site, beginning with the most visited pages – typically the “About” page (followed by your company profile / boiler plate at 100 words and elevator pitch at 100 characters), “Main Solutions” or “Services” pages, and “Markets Served” pages.

You’ll then want to spin off sub-brand stories for each of your solutions and served markets.

We also recommend using Google Analytics to review the top 20 pages of your website, especially for your organic search traffic. For those with a high session duration (over 1 minute) and bounce rate, you’ll want to think about how to strengthen your call-to-action on that page to at least reduce the bounce rate but also to generate more leads from that page.

Use LiveChat

Adding LiveChat or similar functionality will increase visitor engagement by providing an immediate way to talk to you by 10% or more – it’s a personal connection that otherwise faceless B2B businesses can benefit from.

More Ways to Increase Conversions & Leads

Every business has an opportunity to generate more website conversions and leads based on your solutions and content. Contact us for a complete evaluation of how you can increase lead generation and sales from your marketing efforts.