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Sean Parnell

Sean draws from his 30 years of B2B marketing strategy, agency and manufacturing product marketing experience to produce innovative, integrated marketing plans that have dramatically increased sales for many B2B clients as president and co-founder of Innovaxis Marketing. Sean graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Operations Management & Information Systems.

Innovaxis clients tap into Sean’s strategic marketing experience either in a fractional CMO capacity or as their marketing consultant to help establish their sales and marketing goals as well as how to achieve them – especially for established B2B companies that want marketing to fuel double-digit revenue growth in a sustainable way. According to the Predictive Index, Sean is a Strategist.

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Predictive Index: Strategist

By night, the creator of the popular entertainment guide the Chicago Bar Project transforms into Chicago’s foremost authority on nightlife and tavern history, a figure so captivating that Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” lists Sean as a personal reference. After years of tireless “research,” Sean distilled his encyclopedic knowledge of local nightlife lore to write the definitive book on the historic bars of Chicago, aptly named, Historic Bars of Chicago.

Sean’s philanthropic endeavors include serving as a board member at People’s Music School, as Chairman of the AIESEC NIU Board of Advisors, and member of the AIESEC Northwestern Board of Advisors. Sean is also a husband, father and Cubs fan, but don’t hold the latter against him.

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