B2B Mystery Shopping

Please Note: Innovaxis no longer offers B2B mystery shopping services as a standalone service. If you are interested in what a more holistic marketing solution could be for you, starting with a marketing audit is likely the right first step and this form of research would need to be part of your custom marketing program.

Many who think they need B2B mystery shopping actually need something else and, if you’re considering working with a company willing to create a fake website and personas to obtain this information, we encourage you to consider a more ethical approach – would you want your competitors doing this to your team?

Market Research Background

The Innovaxis Team averages 20 years of market research and competitive intelligence experience. Specifically, we have acquired B2B mystery shopping pricing in the following markets:

  • Document imaging software
  • Office technology service contracts
  • Video conferencing services
  • Hazardous-duty lighting
  • Residential construction
  • Security systems
  • Engineered valves
  • Powder actuated tools
  • Construction fasteners
  • Circuit breakers
  • Conduit and wire
  • Printer cartridges
  • Specialty paper

Next Steps

Considering that our B2B mystery shopping services are in high demand and that they are complex and challenging on a good day, we can only take on engagements that are a good fit for us and we turn down quite a few. To see if your project qualifies, click here before contacting us.

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