Primary Market Research

You’ve Got Questions. Innovaxis Finds the Answers.

Anyone can pull information from the internet and call it market research. The most meaningful information comes directly from the people who will buy your products and services—or your competitors. They’re the ones who can tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and let you know if there are gaps in the market ripe for a new product or service. And they’ll talk to us: by partnering with Innovaxis, you will get the whole story instead of the bits and pieces your team hears every day.

Listening is a skill and your business is complex. To get to the most compelling information, Innovaxis uses MBAs to personally interview the key decision-makers that influence sales. Just ask other firms who will be contacting your customers and you may be surprised by what you hear…

Markets Served

Any country, any language thanks to our worldwide partner network.

We’ve spent decades asking the right questions and extracting vital market information across an array of industries. And, with our worldwide partner network, we have the global reach to acquire the information you need and in any country, in any language.

Some Industries Served by Innovaxis

  • Software Vendors, including Document Imaging & ECM
  • High-Tech Manufacturing
  • Office Equipment & Consumables
  • Industrial Equipment & Supplies
  • Building Products & Tools
  • Distribution
  • Process Automation
  • Financial Services

To learn more about our market research services, contact us.

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