Beta Testing

Once your team has developed a prototype of your new product, how do you know if you got it right? We believe that beta testing is the best way for your customers and channel partners to give you feedback for new products and services, which can then be relayed back to your development team for bug fixes, changes and enhancements. Innovaxis will lead the entire beta testing process from recruiting beta testers and relaying their feedback back to the product development process. This will allow you to launch your new product with confidence in its success.

The Innovaxis Advantage

Beta testing is a great way to identify and fix problems prior to launch, but it also has a strategically important component: it begins the sales process with clients and prospects. We will recruit them, educate and train them, and acquire feedback on how to convert them from beta testers into paying customers and channel partners. This is a great way to launch a product with a pipeline of business already created.

If you need help with beta testing for success, contact us.