Nonprofit Brand Story Workshop

Learn how to convert more website visitors into donors, volunteers, board members, and customers by super-charging your messaging with effective storytelling

Innovaxis B2B Brand Story Worksheet

Our Brand Story Workshop surfaces your brand story based on a process inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand.

What You Get

Most nonprofits make the same mistake: they lead with their mission but leave out how they solve problems and create opportunities for their served communities, and maximize their return on mission (ROM).

In a brand story context, part of the mistake is not articulating how nonprofits guide their stakeholders for what they can do to maximize he organization’s ROM. This is why traditional nonprofit marketing messaging often falls flat.

And traditional branding efforts don’t help because they are primarily a design exercise (style) without messaging that resonates with stakeholders (substance).

Brand Story Workshop Process

Our Nonprofit Brand Story Workshop will turn this situation around for you in three simple steps:

  1. Circulation of our brand story worksheet to your team
  2. Brand story workshop conducted in person or by phone (typically 2-4 hours)
  3. Brand story worksheet finalization with recommendations for implementation on your website, across your 4 Ps of Marketing and in your proposals (typically 10-15 pages)

Once reviewed and prioritized by you, the recommendations from the Nonprofit Brand Story Workshop—especially in conjunction with our Nonprofit Marketing Audit—will become your new marketing plan. If implemented by us, this plan becomes your customized customized marketing program.

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