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Marketing Strategy from Innovaxis
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Key Ideas

  • Content is the #1 form of SEO
  • We will author all written content for your website
  • Combined with visually appealing web design and simple navigation, your visitors will have the optimum experience
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Website Content Matrix

Innovaxis will compile website content matrix that details all website content, documenting key attributes for each element, such as metadata, URLs, and content type. This document also serves throughout the development process, as a project tracking tool for both new and existing content deliverables.

Why Use Innovaxis for Website Content Strategy?

  • We are the only marketing consulting firm to offer this service
  • Our professional, published writers will create your web content
  • We give website visitors what they want, not fluffy ad copy or “black hat” SEO
  • We will transform “consumer-ish” websites into powerful lead engines for B2B clients
  • We have experience in many industries
  • Our market research background gets us up to speed quickly in new industries

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