ZoomInfo Custom Intent

Private, relevant signals that are more indicative of intent


When buyers have a problem, the first thing they usually do is research solutions by visiting websites, reading articles, and downloading ebooks—online activity that ZoomInfo tracks across millions of websites. ZoomInfo Intent works by identifying companies with above-average web browsing activity on solutions you offer.

As a ZoomInfo partner, Innovaxis can help your business strategically utilize ZoomInfo Intent’s signals to get even more targeted in uncovering accounts.

Define the Makeup of Your Topic

With Custom Intent, you can create custom intent signals and design your own topic to track specific corners of a certain industry or space. You can also take an existing topic and add more keywords or exclude certain types of solutions that aren’t relevant to your business.

See Intent Signals That Nobody Else Can

Your Custom Intent topic won’t be on ZoomInfo’s public list of topics, and you’ll get Intent Signals that are private to users of your account. So, instead of getting the same Intent Signals as your competitors, you’re able to get private signals for users of your account.

Meet with ZoomInfo’s Custom Intent Team

When all your Intent topics are custom, you get to meet with ZoomInfo’s team of experts. During a 30-minute consultation, they share best practices for keyword selection, work with you on targeting specific types of browsing behavior, provide feedback on which keywords will generate significant traffic, or modify keywords to get your desired volume of signals.

The Process Behind Creating Your Custom Intent Topic

ZoomInfo’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) scans millions of websites for keywords that make up a topic. By using artificial intelligence, ZoomInfo identifies the most relevant keywords on a page based on context. By doing this, you are then able to see where people go online, what content they view, and determine intent based on their engagement.

Getting your Custom Intent topic into the ZoomInfo platform usually takes about 4-6 weeks from the time of your original request. When you give ZoomInfo a topic and list of keywords, they establish what the volume of Intent Signals is, run a query with the topic and those keywords to see the top websites, and check whether this is indicative of intent for your topic.

The process of working with ZoomInfo Custom Intent involves:

  1. Researching sites that would show intent: The most important question to ask once a request is submitted is, “What would I look for if I were researching a certain topic?” For example, say that you’re looking to create a Microsoft 365 topic. The Custom Intent team would research and brainstorm sites that users would visit to learn more about Microsoft 365.
  2. Identifying or verifying relevant keywords for the topic: Using artificial intelligence, ZoomInfo pulls the relevant keywords, looking for 50% or higher relevance score for a specific topic within the last 30 days. Continuing with the Microsoft 365 topic example, the Custom Intent team would pull in keywords like G Suite, office suites software, Microsoft Word, document creation software, Microsoft Excel, presentation software, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  3. Checking the validity of the topic: Custom Intent also determines what the volume of Intent Signals would be, runs a query with the topic and those keywords to see the top websites on that topic according to an NLP analysis, and checks whether this is indicative of intent for your topic.

Get Started Today

At Innovaxis, we spend time learning about the business of our clients, the needs of your prospects, and the keywords they search for when seeking solutions. This deep understanding allows us to help businesses fully leverage Custom Intent’s capabilities to accelerate thought leadership, demand generation and new customer acquisition.

If you’re looking to gain the competitive edge with ZoomInfo Custom Intent, contact an Innovaxis expert today.

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