Technology with More Game, Less Gambit

Judging from the noise and the hype generated by the endless array of emerging options for digital marketing tools and technology, it would be easy to assume that the business with the most platforms always wins.So why do so many Google ads, email campaigns and slick websites fail to generate the leads needed to grow B2B sales? Without the right plan, precisely aimed at the right audience, technology is little more than a tool for generating sales for technology companies.Let Google manage your Google ad budget, for example, and they’re going to recommend that you spend more.

Subcontract your outbound marketing to pricey advertising platforms and they’ll deliver rosy reports of all the people who viewed your latest communication.

But when you start talking about real leads – the kind that come from real B2B  prospects likely to buy your goods and services, the reports get a little murkier.

At Innovaxis, we have deep expertise in marketing technology that works and we can provide the guidance you need to get the most out of the platforms and tools you need to reach your target prospects accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Don’t spend more than you have to for automation that isn’t doing what you need it to do. If it’s not saving you time, providing clear insights, generating qualified leads or delivering actual sales, walk away.

From website platforms to email automation to analytics, we’ve used just about everything that has come along over the past two decades. Let us help you put the right tools to work for your marketing efforts.

Innovaxis can assist with a wide variety of marketing technology that delivers genuine ROI. Here are just a few:

  • HubSpot: we are a HubSpot gold partner, which is the best marketing automation, email management and CRM software we’ve ever used (and we’ve used Pardot, Marketo, Act-On, SharpSpring, FreshWorks, Constant Contact, and more!)
  • WordPress: We develop all new websites on WordPress, though we also use HubSpot, Episerver, Magento, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, and other proprietary systems
  • WooCommerce: we build all WordPress ecommerce sites in WooCommerce, though we’ve also used Typeform for B2B services ecommerce
  • WP Engine: we are a WP Engine partner and believe it to be the best managed WordPress hosting service in the known universe
  • Moz: we use Moz extensively for our clients
  • Google: we are a certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics, and we use Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Tag Manager extensively
  • New and emerging technology for improving site speed, SEO, and SEM.

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