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Key Ideas

  • Electronic marketing is even more effective with face-to-face events
  • Events need to be fun to generate sales
  • We excel at the flawless organization of all kinds of corporate events
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Event Planning

While email/web marketing and social networking can generate many sales leads, nothing beats a face-to-face event to attract prospects, build relationships and close deals. However, many people are no longer interested in half or full-day informational seminars. They need to have fun, get to know you and maybe learn a few things—in that order.

Innovaxis specializes in creating events for your clients, prospects and partners that people will talk about for years. Through our Nightlife Division, Chicago Bar Project, we know all the best places to go and our president, Sean Parnell, leads corporate pub crawls and is the author of Historic Bars of Chicago.

We will create and implement a plan that includes creating a compelling event, promoting it and recruiting guests, obtaining cost-effective giveaways, crafting your sales presentations, flawlessly hosting the event, and following up with guests to help you generate business.

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