Marketing Strategy

Of all the marketing you could do, we help you determine what you should do.

With our marketing intelligence capability and extensive B2B experience, we will create a marketing plan that will drive your growth for years.

Inbound Marketing

How we drive quality sales leads to you by phone and web

Our best practice website development, content creation, expert SEO services, and AdWords campaigns help you look great and generate sales leads.

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Outbound Marketing

How we get the attention of your prospects.

We help you get in front of juicy sales prospects with email, direct mail, PR, and social media campaigns.

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A comprehensive marketing plan that will drive your growth for years.

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Innovaxis Expertise in Technology Marketing

We specialize in generating channel and end-user sales leads and revenues for software vendors, hardware manufacturers, technology integrators, and value-added resellers (VARs) through: Whether it's project-based work, supplementing your marketing staff without adding headcount or if you're considering outsourcing all of your marketing efforts, we ask: What can we do for you?

Our Expertise
Innovaxis Expertise in Manufacturing Marketing

We have many years of driving channel and end-user sales leads and revenues for the manufacturing industry. Our team has lead product management and marketing communication activities working directly for small, mid-size and large manufacturers, so we've been in your shoes and know what you need to see.

Our Expertise
Innovaxis Expertise in Packaging Marketing

We work with companies that add value to packaging and retail POP displays, including design, material selection, special effects screen printing, and supply chain optimization. We will help you get on the radar of new brand owner/manager prospects as well as material vendors, commercial printers and other non-competing companies in the industry.

Our Expertise

Innovaxis Insights

  • May

  • 23

  • 2017

New Product Development: Do You Feel Lucky?

It happened again. We've observed another software vendor that released a new product that has generated almost no sales in the first year and which faces an increasingly grim outlook.   ...

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  • Dec

  • 15

  • 2016

Interview with Our Founder Sean Parnell

Our founder, Sean Parnell (/about/sean-parnell.html), was recently approached by a casting company seeking entrepreneurs in Chicago to take part in a commercial for a major credit card comp  ...

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  • Dec

  • 12

  • 2016

B2B Mystery Shopping Questions & Qualifications

Unless you have a monopoly, you face competition. So, what do your competitors charge for their products and services so you can compare their value proposition to yours? Competitive Pricin  ...

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Fifth P Marketing

Our Services Drive the
Fifth P" of Marketing

We Offer a Full Suite of Managed Services Covering All Four Ps of Marketing

Always with the goal of driving the "Fifth P" for clients: Profit. Other agencies and consulting firms only address the Fourth P: Promotion.

Key Ideas