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Innovaxis Packaging Marketing Practice

We work with clients who add value to packaging and retail POP displays, including design, material selection, special effects screen printing, and supply chain optimization. We can help you get on the radar of new brand owner/manager prospects as well as material vendors, commercial printers and finishers (when applicable). We offer expertise in generating leads through the right mix of strategic marketing planning, website development, content marketing, SEO, and marketing campaigns.

Recent Engagement: Retail Display & Packaging Producer

Within the first three months, our services generated $100,000 in orders from a consumer products company that needed a temporary floor display and found our client on the web thanks to our website audit, content marketing and SEO services.

Recent Engagement: Special Effects Screen Printer

Our strategic marketing planning identified how to diversify away from a single market that represented 60%+ of their business, which was good timing because that business contracted unexpectedly by 40% the next year. The website we developed has generated over 50 leads in less than a year, which is 100% more than they ever got through their old website.

Recent Engagement: Packaging Consultant & Producer

Our market research revealed that our client’s closest customers were unaware of their full capabilities. They now offer more services to their customers, solidifying their position and relationship with them, which allows them to offer a wider breadth of services to new clients.

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